How To Clean Your Car Without Actually Washing It

Washing your car is the conventional way of cleaning it. However, this method of car cleaning might not work well for everyone. Your car can be made to look good even without washing with water.

A good way is to keep your car always clean. Another way to clean the car without a wash is using waterless wash sprays. Even small quantity of this rinse-less wash can provide a clean exterior without having to use the traditional method of washing and cleaning your vehicle.

Car Cleanup without Water

A waterless cleanup of the car does a lot more than quickly sprucing your vehicle. The procedure involves spraying, wiping and applying wax on the car’s exterior surface using soft, lint-free cloth. This helps in removal of dust and fingerprints.

 Clean Your Car Without Actually Washing It

It is best to tackle the cleaning up process in sections. This will ensure effective cleaning of your vehicle. For instance, for any part you are cleaning, divide it into three or four sub-sections for better results. Moreover, this will make the cleaning process easier.

Here are some cleaning tips that you can use without wetting your car.

Wipe the Tires and Wheels

Any car cleanup is incomplete without cleaning the tires and wheels. These are the parts that catch maximum dirt and grime, especially during winters or wet conditions. Take an old rag to rub off the dirt and debris from the tires. Follow this with use of a detailer or a window wash. Spray it onto the wheels and then use another rag to clean them up.

Make sure you use separate towels for cleaning the wheels, as the wheels are the dirtiest part of your car and you don’t want to spread this dirt from the wheels to the rest of the vehicle.

Cleaning the Interiors

Many people focus on cleaning the exterior surface of the car and forget about the interiors. Well, interior cleanup is equally important.

As the first step, remove all the trash from your car. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the seats and mats. However, if you don’t feel the need to vacuum, just take the mats out and shake off the dirt and grime. Do not forget the anchor locks holding the mat on the driver’s side.

After this, use a clean cloth or a microfiber towel to clean the dashboard, steering wheel and other areas that come in contact with your hands.

Windows Cleanup

Clean windows give a clean appearance to the car. To start the process, take an effective glass cleaner and a few paper towels. You can also use microfiber towels for the procedure. Spray the glass cleaner onto the windshield and use the towels to wipe it off. To avoid smudges, use circular motions.

During winters, clean the windows just after driving the car. The still warm windows of the car will make cleaning easier. In extreme cold weather, it becomes difficult to clean car windows with a glass cleaner, for it might freeze on the surface.

While cleaning the glass, make sure you clean the side mirrors, as well. Clean side mirrors will provide a better look to the car besides providing a better vision while driving. It is important to clean the borders of these side mirrors along with the glass surface.

Important Tips:

Here are some tips you should keep in mind when cleaning your car without actually washing it.

  • As you wipe with a towel, flip the sides for better cleaning.
  • Change the towel once it gets dirty.
  • Use a minimum of four to six towels while cleaning your car. The number might vary, depending upon the vehicle size.
  • The more towels you use, the better. Don’t use dirty towels, as they can scratch the car paint.
  • It is your personal choice to clean a section or the whole car every day. Remember, cleaning the whole car requires at least half an hour.