How To Select The Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

Every car owner wants to ensure his or her vehicle remains in top notch condition- whether it is a sedan or hatchback. Regardless of where you live and on what type of terrains you drive the vehicle, it will get dirty and dirty. While cleaning the exterior of the car is not difficult, it is also necessary to clean interior of the car at intervals. Dirt and dust seep into the cabin of your car and cleaning them become necessary both for aesthetics and health reasons. To ensure, the car interior remains squeaky clean, using a suitable vacuum cleaner will be necessary. Without a car vacuum cleaner, getting rid of the dirt and dust in the cabin will be near impossible.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Ways To Choose The Most Apt Car Vacuum Cleaner

To ensure you buy the most suitable vacuum cleaner for your vehicle, keep the below listed parameters in mind:

  1. Size of the device– Portability is the main aspect when you buy a vacuum cleaner for your sedan or SUV. A portable and compact car vacuum cleaner can be stored and carried without hassle. If you go for a trip in hilly terrains and forest in your car, it can get quite dirty. Keeping a vacuum cleaner ready will prove to be handy and small sized units fit the bill well.
  2. Type of vacuum cleaners– There are so many car vacuum cleaners in the market that the abundance can leave you baffled. The main two types are corded and cordless units. Cordless vacuum cleaners require batteries and some of them work on rechargeable batteries too. They are hassle free and you will not have to worry about mesh of wire dangling around the car! On the contrary, corded devices do not require batteries and the car needs to be placed near an electrical outlet.
  3. Added features– Generally, all car vacuum cleaners have a hose, brush nozzles and tank to suck in dust and store them. However, if you want a feature rich vacuum cleaner for your car, there are some options. Some high end vehicle vacuum cleaner devices come with in-built light to make cleaning car interior easier. Some vacuum cleaners also come with a wet cleaning feature. Units equipped with HEPA filters ensure the dust mites and pollens get sucked out. Models with blowing capacity also help in cleaning corners inside the car. You can buy a device with indicators for battery and capacity exhaustion.
  4. Suction power– The suction capacity of a car vacuum cleaner may be less than that of a regular vacuum cleaner meant for use in households, as it is. For most car owners, this should not be a problem. However, those driving cars regularly on dusty roads and polluted urban regions, may need to invest in a high capacity car vacuum cleaner. Corded vacuum cleaners generally have higher suction capacity and more powerful motors than the cordless ones.
  5. Accessories– Based on interior build and size of your car, you need to buy a vacuum cleaner that comes with required attachments and accessories. A device with various nozzles and brushes is ideal for cleaning inside of a car. For leather seat cleaning you need to use a different nozzle than what you should use for cleaning the foot rest. Additional attachments help you clean the corners and parts of the car cabin without working too hard!
  6. Spare availability and warranty– Over time, certain parts in the car cleaner will get worn out and replacing them will be required. Ensure you buy such devices from brands that offer warranty for the units and also sells spare parts.