Is It Okay To Just Patch A Tire?

Tires are essential parts of every car helping you to move on the road, with ease and safety. As a result of the importance of tires, it is crucial that you maintain and care for them properly. However, caring for your tires does not entirely keep them safe from being damaged. This is because there are a lot of hazards on the road that can puncture your tires. As a result, there is a constant need to repair and replace your tires. This begs the question “Is it okay to just patch a tire?”. This article will answer the question of whether to patch a tire, as well as instances in which it is okay to do that.

When Is It Okay To Patch A Tire?

While it is not always the best solution, patching the tire might be what is required in certain situations. Below are some instances in which you might need to patch a tire.

  • Timing: The timing is very important when it comes to patching a tire. If you are in an area where you cannot get a permanent fix, it is better to patch the tire instead of driving it while it is low on air. 
  • The Damage: The extent of the damage done to the tire is another thing to consider when patching a tire. You need to be sure of the classification under which the damage falls under. Is it a puncture or a cut? Oftentimes than not, a cut will require permanent replacement of the tire. A puncture on the other hand can be easily patched unless the hole is bigger than a quarter of an inch.
  • The Location of the Damage: The area where the damage is located also determines if you can patch the tire. It is important that the puncture is not on the sidewall of the tire. If the damage is on the tread face between the outer grooves, then patching is a possibility.

In order to patch your tire, you need a tire repair kit. Below are two reasons why you need a tire repair kit.

  • A Temporary Tire Fix: It is near impossible to predict the area where you will be, when your tire ends up punctured. In a case when there is no tire repair professional in the vicinity, a temporary tire fix is needed until you can get to a garage. With your tire repair kit, you can keep the tire in good shape until it can be replaced at a garage.
  • It Saves You Money: The truth is that not every punctured tire requires immediate replacement. Most times, small punctures can be sealed off properly, thereby extending the lifespan of the tire. With a tire repair kit, you can keep the punctured tire in a good shape, until it can be properly repaired. It is however important that the tire is permanently replaced if the hole is large.


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