How To Get Rid of Dark Lips

Soft pink lips are every woman’s dream. And, well, let’s be honest, it’s not that guys would hate nice and soft lips themselves. Unisex is the keyword for today’s fashion mantra. Today’s young, hip, metrosexual population wants to look good and beautiful lips add glamour to the face and enhance its beauty. Whereas dark, discolored lips and freckles rob your face of its charm. Lip darkening is mostly caused by frequent intake of tea and coffee, excessive exposure to sunlight, reaction to unhygienic chemicals found in lipsticks, hyper-pigmentation and the habit of biting the lips. Allergies, hormonal discrepancies, dehydration, smoking and deficiency of iron and vitamins also contribute in darkening lips.

Dark lips take away your beauty and make you look old. If you want your lips to be the right shade of pink again, you can try these home remedies to get your charming look back. Buying expensive products and lotions isn’t necessary for rejuvenating the lips; you can make use of natural remedies to make your lips pink, soft and appealing.

Get Rid of Dark Lips

Lemon Juice

Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and almond oil and apply it on your lips. Leave it overnight and wash your face in the morning, it will help in reducing the dark color of the lips. You can also use glycerin instead of almond oil to get an equally good result. Lemon juice has natural bleaching properties and decolorizes the dark skin. Almond oil and glycerin soften the lips by moisturizing them. You can also rub glycerin on your lips several times a day for better results.

Lemon Honey Lip Serum

Mix equal amounts of lemon extract and honey and apply the mixture to your lips. This lip serum removes the tan and adds a pinkish color to your lips. Honey makes the lips soft and gives them a shiny look.

Beetroot Slice

Slice a fresh beetroot and store the cubes in your refrigerator. Massage your lips several times a day with the beetroot slice for a few minutes. It removes the tan effectively and adds a soft reddish color to your lips. Doing this for a few days will make your dream of pink lips come true.

Fruit Juices

Natural fruit juices have tremendous healing effects. Add one teaspoon of strawberry juice to two teaspoons of honey and coat you lips with this mixture regularly. Let it on for at least 30 minutes to get rid of dark lips. You can also mix juices of pomegranate seeds, carrots, red grapes and cucumber to fade the dark color. A combination of fruit juices will improve the lip coloration within a few days.

Milk Cream

Regularly massage your lips with milk cream to lighten the lip color. It also adds moisture to the lips and gives them a fresh look.

Rose Petals

Soak a few rose petals in a bowl of milk for 4-5 hours. Then blend the mixture to make a fine paste. Add glycerin to this paste to make it thick. Apply this paste to your lips and leave it for about fifteen minutes. Use it twice a day to get rosy lips in a couple of weeks. You can also add rose water to this paste to make it more effective in healing the dark lips and freckles.


Butter is very effective in lightening the color of lips. Rub butter on your lips several times a day to cure black lips and to moisturize them. Butter is one of the cheapest effective treatments for dark lips.


Cucumber also gives a shiny look to the lips. Rub cucumber slices on your lips daily to remove the tan and freshens your lips. You can also mix cucumber juice with lemon extract and then apply it on lips overnight for better results.

Milk intake

Lactic acid is very effective in rejuvenating the skin color. It removes the dead cells that damage the lips. Drink one glass of milk daily to provide your body with the necessary supplements to make your lips healthy.


Saffron is well known for its health effects and it is considered very effective for curing dark lips and making lips smooth, glowing and pink. Mix a few strands of saffron in fresh cream and apply it on your lips for about half an hour on daily basis. It will do wonders. You can also add crushed rose petals to the mixture for a better result.

Coconut Milk

Applying fresh coconut milk on lips daily acts as an amazing remedy to fade out the dark lip color and promotes pinkish, glowing lips, eliminating your concern for dark lips.

Natural remedies have always been effective in removing dead cells from the skin and rejuvenating it. Using the above mentioned tips, you can have red, glowing lips in a matter of few weeks without needing the costly commercial lip products.