How To Get Rid of Dry Scalp

Is the itchiness in your scalp driving you crazy? Scalp itchiness is a common condition that may be caused by a number of factors. The excessive itching causes damage to the soft skin of the scalp and may lead to secondary infection, as well. Many times, hair also turns out to be highly unmanageable leading to excessive itching. This is all because of dry scalp condition.

A variety of shampoos and over the counter medications is available for the dry scalp treatment. Many of them claim to have nourishing properties that are good for the scalp health, but it is better to use any product after consulting your dermatologist. Many times, when shampoo with excessive chemicals is used, the problem may become more severe. Extreme climatic conditions also lead to this problem. Before discussing the ways of getting rid of this problem, let us discuss the causes of this problem.

itchy scalp

Causes of Dry Scalp

There are several causes associated with dryness of the scalp including:

Remedies For an Itchy Scalp

  1. Mild Shampoo – One must cut down on frequent use of shampoos, but if you feel the need to shampoo your hair often then switch to a mild shampoo that does not strip your scalp of essential oils. Also rinse thoroughly after shampooing your hair as shampoo residue can also lead to itchiness.
  2. Head Massage – A head massage is an easy and relaxing way to unclog pores, increase blood circulation, remove dead skin and get rid of dandruff. Massage causes the sebaceous glands of the scalp to open up and produce sebum which prevents the scalp from getting dry.
  3. Oil And Steam – Massage some oil into your scalp and then cover it with plastic or a shower cap. Then wrap your hair and scalp in a hot towel and keep for 40-50 minutes. The heat from the towel will help in better penetration of the oil and will keep dryness at bay. Olive oil and coconut oil work best for the hair and scalp.
  4. Try A Mayonnaise Treatment – Mayonnaise is packed with oils and egg, two ingredients that are good for hair. It also contains vinegar, which works as a disinfectant and can help get rid of any fungal or bacterial growth in your scalp. Just massage some mayonnaise into your roots and scalp and cover with a shower cap. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water. You will see the difference instantly.
  5. Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil is an essential oil that has antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It not only cleans your scalp, but also moisturizes it, thereby reducing any itchiness. You can either buy a tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner or mix a drop of the oil with your shampoo and then shampoo as usual.
  6. Avoid Overstyling – Using tongs, rollers, blow dryers, straightening irons etc. can damage your hair and scalp and also cause a lot of dryness. Do not use these on a regular basis as the damage caused by heat can be permanent and irreversible.
  7. Eat Right –Your skin and hair reflect what you eat. Eating a balanced diet that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins will go a long way in keeping your scalp healthy and your hair glossy. Spinach, flaxseed, walnuts and salmon are some foods rich in omega-3. Also eat lots of seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables.
  8. Use A Homemade Mask –Instead of using expensive and damaging conditioners, make your own mask at home using natural ingredients suited to your hair type. Hair masks rehydrate the scalp and reduce itchiness. They also nourish your hair and make them shine. A simple hair mask can be made using banana and honey. Honey is a natural moisturizer and banana will make your hair smooth.

Itchy No More

Scalp itchiness is annoying and can cause embarrassment too. While these remedies will help you get rid of an itchy scalp, remember to take regular care of your scalp to avoid suffering from dry scalp. Remember, prevention is better than cure and that is why use these home remedies to maintain a healthy scalp.