How To Get Rid of Whiteheads on the Face

Whiteheads on your face! The expression itself sends a shiver down your spine. Many have suffered the small irregular whitehead bumps on their face that helped ruin everything you wear or no matter how beautiful you look. I would like to start off by saying that whiteheads are essentially a skin problem due to irregularity and poor maintenance. These occur due to seldom cleaning of the skin and taking in too much trans-fat from fast foods and barbeque. These make your skin look oily and dirty and produce free radicals that cause your skin to ‘age’ very early. Fried food products have long been the cause for early wrinkles and saggy skins. To actually get rid of them you need to fix your diet plans and perform a few regular skin cares yourself.

Exfoliating the skin: we all know dealing with the blackheads can lead to scar. To remove them gently you first need to wash your face with warm water. This removes the dead cells on your skin and enables your face-wash to effectively reach the pores. The dead cells clog the pores and protect it against any cleanser you apply. It also helps the bacteria develop inside the pores.

After the clogged dead cells have been removed you can wash off using a medicated cleanser or your regular face wash. This will help remove the bacteria inside the pores. The bacteria inside the pores get mixed with the sebum produced by the skin and leads to such whiteheads. Using warm water can help make the cleaning process more thorough.

Upon cleaning, let you face dry naturally or you can just gently soak up the water. Do not rub vigorously on your towel or dry cloth. Small particles on the towel may rub off on your skin and cause small scars. Remember that you skin is very sensitive after a wash.

When done you can apply an astringent toner. This is very ideal for a complete sweep. This helps clean more bacteria and any remaining pores. This also helps close the pores and make the dominant pores tighter so that there are fewer chances of bacteria making their way into your skin again.

Dry skin. Dry skin is often prone to whiteheads since such skin produces more sebum. To avoid such circumstances you can use a moisturizer to replenish the natural wetness of the skin.

People today have become busier than ever. A meal cooked at home can contain more nutrients than anything you will find in the restaurants. Fruits and vegetables help provide the required minerals to your skin and helps retain the tenderness.

Drink lots of water since they will help get rid of toxins produced in your skin. You can boost up your fluid supply by drinking juice or health drinks. Look after your skin and your skin will reward you in the long run.