How To Get Rid of Whiteheads

What’s the subsequent worst thing than pimples? Whiteheads those tiny white polka dots on our faces that are the nuisance of any teen’s survival. Whiteheads are another categorization of acne, and are also acknowledged as comedowns. They are of yellowish color, as they are not open to the elements of oxygen like blackheads are. You’ll learn more in relation to that shortly.

Causes of Whiteheads

Whiteheads are due to combination of factors. See, your face is enclosed with tiny little hairs. These hairs are linked to a gland beneath our skin called the sebaceous gland, which makes sebum. Sebum acts as skin’s natural moisturizer and even prevents microorganisms from growing on our skin. Now when sebum retain on your skin, it also hardens. A permutation of accumulated sebum, your bodies natural oils, tiny cellular fragments that discover their way on your skin and dead skin cells can block up your skin’s pores (Pores are tiny openings on your skin).

Removal Methods

Now you want to know about method of eliminating these whiteheads. Here are some methods which can effectively remove your whiteheads.


Eye Washing

Wash your face with lukewarm water at least twice a day with a mild soap or face wash. For guys, you can dash water first on your face and carry on with shaving before leaving on to wash your face. Use gentle actions and use your fingers only. Softly pat your face to arid; do not rub it. A regular rite of washing your face helps dispose of white heads and prevents them from coming back.

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benzoyl peroxide

You can also choose to use medication unswervingly on your white heads after washing your face. Benzoic peroxide is normally recommended for treating acne. If you’re first time user, use a small amount. Take it on your fingers; spread it out on the pretentious areas, carefully avoiding the areas around your eyes, as benzoyl peroxide can infuriate them.

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face moisturizer

Washing and exfoliating are both very good for your skin, but both may abscond your skin dry. Dry skin is more at risk to whiteheads, so always retain your skin moisturized. Ensure that you can get oil-free moisturizers for this purpose.

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Drink Up

drinking water

Keeping yourself well-hydrated is a good method to keep your skin from mounting white heads. Drinking lots of water and fruit juice helps to keep your skin clear. Some say that intake of a glass of water with honey first thing in the morning is also obliging for detoxifying your skin.

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Eat Healthy

Healthy Diet

Lots of fruits and vegetables will help in detoxifying your skin and in turn making your skin healthy!

Natural Beauty

summer makeup

Try not to wear excessive makeup if you can. Makeup tends to block your pores, which can guide to white heads. If you do have to, make sure to entirely remove your profound makeup with cold cream or any makeup remover before washing your face.

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