How To Prevent Dandruff in Winter

Dandruff is a problem affecting all people in their post-pubertal age but the intensity varies from person to person. It is composed of nothing but dead skin cells of the scalp which appear in the form of white or grayish flakes in the hair. As the outer layer of the skin is replaced by new cells, the old ones are pushed outwards where they gradually die due to insufficient nutrient supply from the body. These cells then fall off the skin and remain there as dead flakes till they are removed by air, movements of hand or just normal tilting of the head.

Though dandruff affects all individuals, it is often a cause of embarrassment and humiliation for people in public as it signifies lack of care on the person’s part. However, with the changing lifestyles and food habits, the metabolism rates of people differ and so does the rate of replacement of skin cells. This results in different amounts of flake shedding. This problem is maximum during winters when the skin becomes dry and top layer can be removed very easily by brushing or combing. Some effective ways of preventing dandruff in winters have been discussed below.


Oiling The Hair Regularly

Dry skin is much more prone to skin flaking and dandruff problems as compared to healthy and oily skin. This is because in dry skin, the top layer of cells comes off very easily when using combs, massaging, scratching or doing something on the scalp. As a result, these chunks of dead skin cells coalesce together to form what we call dandruff and manifest themselves as white flakes in the hairs, shoulders and clothes. To prevent this from happening or to reduce the intensity, hair and scalp should be kept properly oiled at all times. Oiling the hair and scalp keeps it nourished and healthy thereby preventing skin flaking every time we comb it. If the top layer is well nourished, then the problem of dead skin cells is very less. If it is there, then the cells form chunks with oil and fall off rather than staying in the hair or on the shoulders, reducing the problem of dandruff.

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Using Good Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Cleaning of the scalp regularly is very important to keep the skin healthy and prevent dandruff formation. For this, good anti dandruff shampoos should be used which clean the hair and the scalp and also keep the skin nourished. They have special chemicals which reduce the dandruff related problems of the scalp and also rejuvenate cells. But this shampoo should be from a reputed stable with properly tested chemicals to prevent any side effects on the hair. A good anti dandruff shampoo not only reduces dandruff formation, but also prevents it if used on regular basis.

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Proper Treatment of Skin Problems

Some people have skin problems like eczema and psoriasis which have detrimental effect on the skin, especially of the head and scalp. In such people, the problem of dandruff can be much more severe as such skins are weak and much more prone to dandruff than normal skins. Such people should undergo treatment for the skin problems and not use chemicals that are detrimental for their skin. Dandruff can be prevented by having a healthy and well-nourished skin in which the skin cells are replaced normally and unnoticed.

Not Using Chemicals Which Cause Allergies

Different people have different skin types. The chemicals used in hair shampoos, oils or scalp medicines might be such that they cause allergies, itches, rashes or may have side effects for the concerned person. This might in turn effect the scalp indirectly, intensifying the problem of dandruff formation, especially in winters when the skin is dry and moisture free. So, people should be aware of the chemicals and oils to which they are allergic and refrain from buying such products which intensify the problem for them.

Keeping The Skin Clean And Healthy

This is the ultimate solution to problems. In winters, the skin becomes dry and open to dust and other particles. It becomes more prone to dryness, allergies, rashes and skin problems. So, it is imperative that proper care of the skin should be taken and it should be kept well-nourished. Proper cleansing and nourishment would ensure that the skin cells are healthy and not susceptible to flaking very easily.

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The menace of dandruff can be handled properly if regular care is taken. Proper selection of hair products and lotions can prove to be a boon for the hairs.

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