How To Take Care of Your Skin During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is time of changes as your hormones change, which in turn affects your skin too. Now there is a lot that we can’t – and should not – try to control during pregnancy. It’s the time when you have to take care of yourself and every related problem. You may experience pigmentation, color change, acne, whiteheads and blackheads, stretch marks etc. all of which are normal and will go gradually go away after pregnancy. Still it is important to take care of your skin so that this does not become a nightmare post-pregnancy. Here are some easy ways to fight back pregnancy woes to keep glowing skin intact.

More Water; Better For Mother And Baby

drink water

Drinking more and more water would not only help you flush out toxins and keep your skin healthy but would also help baby keep healthy with sufficient amount of fluid. Moreover, plenty of water keeps metabolism perfect, which is a cause of concern for many during pregnancy. More amount of water helps reduce the chances of breakouts and enables cells turnover at a natural rate. All this would at least contribute to a healthy body and thereby healthy skin. Water based food like salads and fruits with high water content are a perfect recommendation. These fruit also provide lots of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and would leave your skin glowing.

Moisture Is Essential To Your Body

skin care during pregnancy

If you want to look young and radiant, light facial massage is surely a great way. An overnight moisturizer is something that would provide your skin with extra nourishment. Moisturizers with high concentration of vitamin E are best suited during pregnancy. For those who are enjoying their pregnancy during winters, dry skin is surely a concern. For dry skins during pregnancy, using a humidifier would provide extra moisture to your skin and would also boost circulation that provides an overall healthy glow.

Wearing a Sunscreen


If you put a light layer of sunscreen beneath the makeup, it would protect your skin form gradual damage. Most of the makeup brands claim to have sunscreen within them; however, you should take extra precaution and apply a light layer of sunscreen.

Foundation Is Essential

Acne breakouts and pimples are quite common to occur during pregnancy. To fight these, you should use a water based foundation that would allow your pores to open up. There are some powdered foundations available in the market that come with mineral makeup and provide a flawless look without even damaging or irritating your skin. Moreover, you can use a mineral makeup for blending different colors to adjust for a changing skin-tone.

Facial Practices

Facial is well known for opening your pores and cleanse the skin from inside out. If you can afford a trip to the spa, it would be wonderful to have regular facials. However, if you can’t afford an expensive spa, you could help yourself at home only by using mud mask, pore cleansers, moisturizers and toners. Facial is an excellent way to nourish your skin’s texture and have a positive effect on the skin tone.

Resort To Clarifying Mask At Least Once A Week

A clarifying mask is another excellent way to clean out pores and toxin buildup on your skin’s surface leaving your face fresh and healthy. You could include it in your facial routine for better results. Another advice that we would give you is to skip the acne treatments and medication during your pregnancy. It may have some side effects for you, since your body will not be working like a regular one.

Pregnancy is the special period of any woman’s life and all of you would love to enjoy this moment. Just like rest of your body, your skin too needs extra attention and care and these simple methods would give you a refreshing and healthy glow. From moisturizing to having facial sessions, all are essential and all will help you have a better skin.