How To Use Carrots For Hair Growth

Carrots are a blessing to the mankind with its several benefits and in numerous applications for healthy body. Of course there are several other fruits and natural gifts that are great in multiple ways. Carrot, however, is particularly good for one’s hair. They have a relatively high concentration of vitamin A that apart from other health benefits, also promotes hair growth and ensures a healthy scalp. People suffering from excessive hair loss are often diagnosed low on vitamin A, which plays a crucial role in sebum production responsible for faster hair growth. This tasty and low calorie snack could be used in several forms to ensure a strong and shinny hair. Apart from accelerating the growth process of hair, carrots add thickness to the hair.

It’s really amazing that carrot can be used in any form for daily intake. You could eat directly, drink its juice or use it as a base in variety of dishes. There could be several reasons for hair loss. Lack of vitamins A, B, C and insufficient amount of collagen and protein may lead to remarkable hair loss. Vitamin B is considered to provide folate, biotin and inositol that ensure a good hair health.

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Hair Mask Made Of Carrot And Banana

Carrot hair mask sounds a little peculiar, but that’s really an efficient way to ensure hair growth. Cut small pieces of a carrot and a banana and add olive oil to mix them properly. To make a paste, you could add a cup of curd and blend all of these ingredients in a mixture. Make sure that the paste is thicker so that it stays on your hair and scalp. Leave this paste on your head for around thirty minutes and then wash with a normal shampoo. Carrots applied this way prevent hair breakage and help them become healthier. On the other hand, banana makes them smooth and silkier.

Using Carrot Oil For Stronger Hair

Carrot oil is something you would not find in all the stores. Yes, you read it right – carrot oil is not a figment of one’s imagination, and definitely not something untried or untested. It’s a proven natural way of strengthening your hair. Therefore, we recommend that you make it yourself at home. All you need to do is take some carrots and grate them finely with a grater. To these grated carrots, you could add olive oil, coconut oil or even castor oil as per your choice. Now this is not all. You need to keep this mixture in a dark room of your house and leave it for around a week. Gradually the oil would become orange in color. Take the oil out of the mixture and keep it in a bottle or jar to use it every time before you do a hair shampoo. Make sure to leave this oil on your hair and scalp for about half an hour before shampooing. It would ensure that your hair roots remain strong which would reduce the unwanted hair breakage.

Carrot Intake In Food

Carrot contains carotene which is an essential component to prevent hair loss. Other good sources to prevent hair loss are cucumber, asparagus, spinach and cabbage that are considered quite well for hair and nails. You can include these in different combinations in your food intake to get proper nutrients necessary for stronger hair. They are rich in anti-oxidants and take care of your overall health. Mix carrot with green apples, bean sprouts or alfalfa sprouts with cucumber, spinach, cabbage and lemon. Making these veggies a part of your regular diet would not only strengthen your hair but will improve your overall health.

Carrots are quite a common vegetable and are readily available everywhere. Apart from these, you could do regular massage of scalp to improve the blood circulation and lessen your hair loss. For people who can do it, headstands are quite beneficial to strengthening hair and scalp. Follow these easy hair tips to flaunt a thick and shinny hair.

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