How To Use Clove Oil To Cure Acne

Skin ailments can be varied, but few can be as annoying and pestering as acne! This is one skin condition that affects nearly every person sometime in life. It manifests in many forms on skin surface such as pimples, blackheads and the result is marring of physical appearance. While acne affects mostly facial skin, it can also occur on the neck and other body parts. Teenagers fare the worse from acne but adult acne is not rare either. Sometimes, acne causes pain and leaves scar marks on skin that takes long time to fade.

Ways To Treat Acne

Given the fact, acne is a common skin ailment affecting a majority of the human population, there are plenty of treatments available. A lot of women and men opt for available over the counter acne medications and solutions. While some of these acne elimination products can be effective, their efficacy can vary. Besides, people with sensitive skin may suffer aggravated acne outbreak after using these products- which are made with strong chemicals. It is safer and better to use a natural solution for getting rid of acne. Using clove oil is a good idea in this context.


Why Choose Clove Oil For Acne Treatment?

Clove oil, extracted from dried flowers of the tree has strong anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. It is useful for treating acne and related skin ailments when applied topically. Found indigenously in a specific Indonesian region, clove has been used since ancient times in various cuisines to add flavour to dishes. It has also been used in dentistry as a natural anaesthetic. Clove essential oil is toxic to the bacteria that lead to acne formation.

Ways To Apply Clove Oil For Acne Treatment

You need to be careful about applying clove oil for acne treatment. This essential oil is very strong and direct application on the skin can result in skin burning and itching. It is therefore applied topically after mixing with other milder natural extracts or essential oil.

  1. Clove Oil And Olive Oil – Clove oil can be mixed with olive oil in equal proportions and then you may apply it on acne. You may use a cotton ball to soak in the oil mixture and then rub it slowly on acne. Let it soak on skin for 20 minutes or so and then wash off with water.
  2. Clove Oil And Egg Yolk – Mix some egg yolk with clove oil. Apply this on acne affected parts. Let it dry for some time and then wash off with cold water.
  3. Clove Oil And Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil also has proven antibacterial property just like clove essential oil. So, blending these two oils can be ideal to eliminate acne and skin rashes. You may even pour in some aloe vera gel in the oil mix to make the mixture soothing to skin. Apply this on acne and let it dry before washing off with water.

Precautions To Be Taken

While applying clove oil on acne can bring effective results you need to be really cautious.

It makes sense to carry out a skin sensitivity test before applying clove oil on acne affected skin. Apply the clove oil diluted with carrier oil on your elbow or some less visible part. If there is no serious reaction or itching, you may proceed with application on acne.
Another thing you need to remember is, no matter how you apply clove oil on the skin, it should not be kept on for a long time. After a span of 20 minutes or so after its application on acne, wash it off skin with water.