How To Use Coffee As Part of Your Beauty Routine

When anyone mentions coffee it conjures up the image of an energy boosting beverage in your mind, does not it? There is nothing like a hot steaming cup of coffee on winter evenings. However, coffee has many other uses apart from boosting your energy levels and mood! Look on the web and health magazines and you will find health experts arguing about its benefits and drawbacks for human health. However, coffee can also be used as a potent ingredient in your beauty regimen.

7  Top Ways In Which You Can Incorporate Coffee In Your Beauty Regime:

1. Getting Rid of Puffy Eyes

Puffy Eyes

How many times you have envied those beautiful supermodels with beautiful eyes and then heaved a sigh looking at your reflection in the mirror? Getting rid of puffy eye bags, more so in the 30s and later can be tough. If you are tired of trying various costly eye creams and else to resolve the issue, give coffee a try! Take some coffee grounds and dilute them in water. Make a smooth, creamy paste and apply it around the eye region. Let it get soaked and wash it off with cool water.

Another way to do this is making ice cubes with water and ground coffee. Every morning, after you wake up, take one such cube and rub it gently on areas around the eyes. It will give a soothing, cooling sensation and reduce the puffiness too.

2. Busting The Ugly Layers of Cellulite


Getting rid of fat from your body is not impossible, but it is a different thing with those ugly and visible layers of cellulite. Massaging the cellulite hit areas of your body, like the thighs and belly with coffee ground can be helpful. It involves the dual benefits of scrubbing and massaging. The massaged skin gets tightened and blood flow also gets a boost.

3. Darkening Your Hair

Premature Gray Hair

If you want to give a tint of dark to your hair, ground coffee is a nice natural option. Say goodbye to those ammonia laden and chemical based color dyes. This can be done in a number of ways. You may mix coffee grounds in your hair oil and apply it on hair. Similarly, you can mix it in your regular hair conditioner. Apply this on hair and let it sit for some time. Then wash off with plenty of water. It works well when you want to give chestnut brown hue to light coloured hair.

4. Skin Exfoliating

exfoliating face mask for Dark Spots

There are so many skin exfoliating scrubs in the market, but you need not bleed your wallet when ground coffee is there in the kitchen! Rubbing ground coffee on the skin helps peel away dead skin cells and it boosts collagen production too.

5. Skin Lightening Pack

Coffee Scrub

Use coffee beans to get rid of the tan you have acquired after a tropical vacation. Mix ground coffee with yogurt and make a thick paste. Apply it on face and let it get dry. Wash off with cool water. It adds a glow to the face. You may try this two times a week or so.

6. Relaxing Your Feet

foot reflexology

Your leg stake a lot of load and they also need some care and nourishing like other parts of your body. Just rubbing with soap and water at bathing time is not enough! You may use coffee to help your tired feet relax. Bend some ground coffee with pure coconut oil in a bowl. Apply this mixture on your legs and rub well to exfoliate. After 10 minutes or so, wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry the skin with a soft towel. See, how soft and radiant the skin will become!

7. Removing Odor From Hands

hands washing

Sometimes making some yummy recipes for guest can get you rave reviews, but the drawback is your hands become smelly like hell! When you deal with garlic peeling, washing raw fish, it may be hard to ward off the strong smell from hands. Washing hands too many times with regular hand wash may make the skin dry. Scrub both the hands with ground coffee and then wash with lukewarm water. You will feel the aroma of coffee so fresh on the hands.

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Try these simple tips with your favourite cup of Joe! You will be thrilled with the results!