How Internet of Things Is Transforming Gaming Industry

Sometimes it becomes tricky to keep pace with fast changing facets of technology in life. The latest technology does not remain latest for long. The way people accessed and used the internet a few years back is not the same anymore. Industry experts foresee a future where internet usage will change further. The World Wide Web is set to become all pervasive component of human existence. The much touted internet of things will play the catalyst to this technological evolution. In a future when nearly every device and gadget you use will have inbuilt web access feature and they can be used to interact with each other- life will not remain the same. It will also have an impact on how gaming is done, say the experts.

 Internet of Things for Gaming Industry

The Online Gaming Industry And Its Future

Over the last decade, the online gaming industry has grown by leaps and bounds, with more users getting lured by the appeal of gaming. With the price of fast internet connection falling with them-this is only likely to continue. Mobile casinos have shot up like never before! This has been fueled by the popularity and increasing use of devices like tablets and smart phones.

How IoT Is Going To Impact Gaming Sector

The Internet of things is going to impact the gaming industry in more than one say, as the trends indicate.

1. Gaming Across Devices, Seamlessly

First of all, mobile gaming will get a tremendous boost as IoT penetrates in daily life. When many gadgets will have in building support for the same games you play on your tablet, gaming will go up. As the brands making smart appliances start developing products that run on the same OS and platforms, this will certainly take place. Sony, for example, has started selling Android based HDTVs, which give users a large screen Android usage experience. In the near future, gaming will be spread to multiple devices. Since these will be connected you will be able to play a game on your tablet while going to work in a bus and complete the rest after returning home on your TV. Multiplayer online gaming will also receive an unprecedented boost. There is simply no need for all players to be in front of their consoles or PC for playing such games.

2. Impact On Online Casinos

Physical game casinos rely on sensors and cameras to track user preferences and game interests. With IoT pervading everywhere, this will become easier for the operators. The online platforms can be linked to physical casinos easily owing to IoT.
Just like casinos analyze the responses of players through their facial expressions and speech, online gaming platforms can track user feed backs through various sensors fitted with devices like smart watches and phones. However, before the technology can be used to observe and track preference of gamers and users, permission needs to be obtained. Even before an app installation, user permission is a prerequisite.

3. Ways To Reach The Gamer

With internet of things, making inroads into human life in an increasing way, casino and game owners have ways to reach out to gamers. Earlier, the only way they could make profits were when the player logged in his online profile through desktop or Smartphone. However, now they will be able to make use of many other devices, to notify users of promotions and new games. How about getting notifications on your smart watch or wearable device about a new message waiting in Smartphone about an engaging new game from your favorite franchise!

Points To Keep In Mind

While the growth of IoT will eventually be better for gamers and casino and game makers – the journey may not be very smooth!

First of all, the device makers have to agree on making apps for a platform that is used by a huge number of users such as Android. Preset generation smart appliances have their own OSes. Besides, special focus needs to be given to security of the user’s data and financial information. As it is, the hackers will try to target the smart devices apart from PCs in the near future. Above all, the price of such connected devices will take some time to reach a level when the mass users can buy and use them-much like it was with smartphones.