How To Keep Your PlayStation3 Humming

Have you ever thought about the health of your PlayStation3?  Could you imagine anything worse than your PS3 having a meltdown mid game?  You probably could, but still, it would be pretty bad.  Your PS3 could actually be close to failure, and you might not even realize it.  There are some important steps and precautions you can take to protect your PlayStation3.  Find out how you can prevent your system from saying ‘game over’.


The optimal temperature for the PS3 is between 41F and 95F.  Unless you are playing outside in the middle of a Canadian winter, your PS3 probably won’t operate in temperatures under 41F.  It is very possible though, for a PS3 to skyrocket past 95F – even in a room set at a comfortable 72F.

If your PS3 is set too close to a wall, you can easily run the risk of a total meltdown.  Let your PS3 breathe.  It is also advisable to put your system in the horizontal position.  If you are worried about your system because of extended play, put a portable thermometer behind your PS3 to monitor the temperature.  If your system does start to overheat, the power indicator will blink red and green.



If your system should overheat, put your system in an area where there is some cooling airflow, bheated when the power LED indicator flashes three times and then shuts down.ut not somewhere (like an open window) where moisture can get at it.  You’ll know your system has over

BD Failures

A BD failure can occur when you have used a scratched up or smudged disk.  BD failure can also be caused by over playing.  To prevent BD failures, clean your discs, get some HDD titles to balance out the usage, and take a break from your PS3.


Cleaning your PS3 will help avoid PS3 failure.  Use a vacuum to clean the dust from the vents of the system.  Don’t jam the vacuum nozzle against the vent but rather, hold it an inch away from the vent.  You could also use a can of air, in which case you would hold the can two inches away from the vents.  Remember to hold the can upright when spraying.

Shut Down

To avoid getting errors, learn how to shut off your system properly.  Use your remote and hold the PS.  Wait until you see the ‘shut down system’.  Press X on yes.  It is never a good idea to flip the switch on the back of the system when the LED is showing a solid green.  If you part from your PS3 for a week or more, shut down the system with the remote.  Next, flip the back switch and then unplug the PS3.  This will avoid the risk of power surges.  If your machine freezes, do not just yank the plug or flip the switch.  Be patient and shut down with the remote.

Play Safe

Your PS3 is an expensive system that needs to be taken care of.  You wouldn’t let your car run on and on without changing the oil or filters.  Your PS3 shouldn’t be neglected either.  With proper care, your PS3 will give you many happy hours of safe play.

Do you have any other maintenance tips for the PS3?