How To Execute A Perfect Rugby Tackle

Do you want to learn how to tackle your opponent effectively in the game of rugby? When playing rugby, hitting hard is the key to success. It is important that the player learns to tackle which is one of the important elements in Rugby. If you learn to tackle your opponent, you may be able to help your team in the best possible manner. Tackle requires skill where the player has to try turning over the ball or try to just cause a knock on. If you are able to hone your skills, you will not only earn a lot of respect in the eyes of your own team members, but also the opposing team.

How to hit hard in Rugby?

A popular possession sport, Rugby is basically played for yardage unlike American football. Hitting hard in rugby is essential to gain enough opportunity to gain necessary yardage. When playing this game, the major focus must be on getting the runner to the ground. This will help the ball to be released from his tough hold. Once the ball is released from the possession, opposing team can earn a pointer. Tackling is an inherent part of the game and an extreme technique, namely dump tackling is used in certain situations like when a person from the opposing team is running quite close to you, or the runner from the opposing team is running straight towards you.


Learn to Tackle

If you seriously want to learn the art of tackle, learn from a professional as watching this skill on the YouTube is not going to help you. If this skill is not honed in a proper way, the player is susceptible to injury. It is a common occurrence and seen quite frequently in a game. In any case, space must be denied to the attacking player by the defending player. In any case, the player must not give any chance to dominate tackle situation.

Key points of tackle

  • The attacking player must be followed, he must run full sprint towards the shoulder of the opponent further away from the touchline;
  • For as long as possible, the defending player must stay square denying space to the opponent;
  • Feet must not be crossed;
  • During the tackle, the player must not drop his chin and hold up his face. This helps in avoiding neck injury or concussion;
  • Eyes must be kept open so that the focus from the opponent never wavers. The player must always look where contact is going to be made when attacking the opponent;
  • Since footwork may deceive, the focus of the player must always be between the hips and chest of the attacker;
  • The back position must always be emphasized. This is to get a stronger, lower and powerful position to initiate the tackle;
  • The head must be aligned to the attacker’s either side. It should never be in the front of the body;
  • The defender must always stay on the balls of the feet, this way you will not be sidestepped;
  • The direction of the hit must be followed with your head;
  • Fast and short steps should be used when approaching the attacker;
  • Take the boxer’s stance, with hands up and elbows low as this helps in reinforcing leverage.
  • Dipping and stepping into the tackle is another trick that must be followed simultaneously.
  • Arms must be wrapped around the attacker to drive and pull him from your legs;
  • Use a lot of power and force when coming in body contact with the attacker.


These tips can help to understand and learn tackle in the rugby game. Though defense is a good strategy, but, at times, one has to attack to gain points.