How To Choose The Best Gaming Laptop

Not so long ago, the mention of PC gaming used to conjure up images of a beefy looking desktop with powerful hardware components stacked in! However, with significant improvements in both PC software and hardware technology, gaming laptops have become quite popular. Now, hardcore gamers do not scoff at the mention of a laptop for gaming though they have a soft spot for desktops still. Present generation gaming notebooks can handle HD games replete with impressive visuals and spectacular effects. However, choosing the most apt notebooks for gaming is a prerequisite.

Gaming Laptop

Ways To Choose The Right Gaming Laptop

There are plenty of gaming laptop models in the market nowadays given the fact manufacturers like Dell, HP, Asus and Acer- all have hopped the bandwagon! The tech jargons, advertising techniques can make you somewhat confused regarding the section. Therefore, focus on some vital parameters for buying the most apt gaming laptop:

1. Graphics

Just like desktops, the gaming prowess of a laptop also depends much on the efficacy of its GPU. While regular laptops come with integrated Intel or AMD GPU, gaming laptops have discrete GPU unit. You will need a model with minimum 1 GB of VRAM and anything above that is definitely better. The GeForce GTX 980M by NVidia is a popular GPU and AMD’s Radeon R9 M290X is also suitable. Look at GPU cooling mechanisms when buying a laptop. Some laptops sport a hybrid graphics system. They have both onboard and separate GPU and the latter is used when you run games and intensive apps.

2. CPU

While the GPU runs the show in a gaming laptop, you also need a suitable CPU to complement its performance. A weak CPU is not ideal in a laptop equipped with a beefy CPU and vice versa. Most gamers prefer Intel core series CPUs. AMD does have quad core CPUs priced lower than Intel lineup, of course. Ideally, you should buy a CPU with 2 GHz and higher clock speed with 4 cores. Some of the Intel CPUs come with speed boost feature, handy when playing demanding games.

3. RAM

Once you have zeroed down on the CPU, RAM is the next important parameter to consider for buying a gaming notebook. For uncompromised gaming on a laptop, 8 GB of RAM should be ideal. Only hardcore gamers opt for laptops equipped with more memory.

4. Hard Disk

A lot of laptops now come equipped with SSD. SSDs offer faster boot time and game load time owing to their operating mechanism but they do not offer enhanced FPS in games. A SATA HDD with faster spin rates is what most gamers settle for. The capacity of the hard disk is also something you need to think of. SSDs are yet to reach the level of high storage capacity compared to traditional models. Some modern games can gobble up 35 GB or more- making things tough for laptop owners using SSDs.

5. Display

The screen of the laptop also matters when it comes to immersive gaming experience. Ideally, a 15 inch screen or larger with Full HD resolution should suffice for your needs. There are laptops with 2k resolutions, but remember the enhanced resolution will affect FPS in newer games. Laptops with IPS panels will cost you more. Since you will not use gaming laptops outside much, a glossy screen should be not problematic.

6. Heating And Battery Life

Gaming laptops are prone to heating more than general ones. Some manufacturers deploy specialized cooling mechanism in their models to tackle this issue, the latest example being Asus ROG lineup. You may invest in a laptop cooling pad to ensure the device stays cool while you slash virtual enemies! Gaming laptops are not famous for their battery life usually and most models last for 3 hours or so after a recharge.

7. Other usability issues

When buying a gaming laptop, you need to think about some essential usability issues. A back-lit keyboard is one advantage and some laptops also let you adjust back-light intensity level. A spill proof keyboard will also be bliss. Presence of USB 3 and HDMI ports is beneficial and most gaming notebooks have these. The weight of gaming laptops tends to be on the heavy side, but nowadays relatively lightweight models are available.