How Can Red Cabbage Benefits Your Health

Do you ever know the red cabbage? Most of the people are not familiar with red cabbage because they use green colored cabbage which is very popular across the world. Red cabbage is also another type of cabbage and also available in the market. Red cabbage offers many advantages on our health because it is packed with many nutrients as well as goodness. Hence, today in this article we are discussing on the health benefits of red cabbage.

In Red cabbage, the red is a healthy color and therefore different color of food provides diverse properties. Red cabbage covers many nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins etc. It is different because of its color as well as bitter taste. Red cabbage is a wonder vegetable because it benefits your mind, heart, and body.

Red Cabbage

Nutrition facts in red cabbage:

Red cabbage involves more than 90 % of water. It includes vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidants such as vitamin A, K, high amount of vitamin C, fiber and flavonoids, and sulfur-based compounds. If you consume shredded or raw cabbage then it provides 22 calories, 1.5 g fiber, 1 g protein, 2.5 g natural sugar no fat, and 5 g carbohydrates.

Health benefits of red cabbage:

Now, as you know red cabbage are a great source or minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that are a powerful natural chemical. Therefore they are very helpful to lower the risk of diabetes, stroke, kidney stones and bone loss.

1. Decreases Alzheimer’s risk: 

The construction of certain signs in the brain results into a disease which is called as Alzheimer’s disease. Red cabbage is comprises of anthocynins in a great amount as equated to white or green varieties. Therefore, it benefits to defend in contradiction of this form of dementia.

2. Anti-ageing Properties:

Red cabbage plays a vital role in decreasing the process of ageing because it encloses Vitamin C, vitamin A and Vitamin E. Hence red cabbage is responsible for giving natural glowing, soft, beautiful and supple skin.

3. Prevents Osteoporosis:

Red cabbage is a good source of calcium, thus it is very beneficial for consolidation of the bones and protects you from osteoporosis. Consuming calcium regularly protects from osteoporosis as well as strengthens the teeth.

4. Cures Ulcers:

The juice of red cabbage plays an essential role to treat ulcers because it possesses amino acid, glutamines. There it is responsible to heal certain type of cancer exclusively peptic ulcers.

5. Protects from Cancer:

In some studies is investigated that there are 36 types of anti- cancer chemicals are present in the red cabbage. The anthocynins of a flavonoids class as well as a compound ‘indoles’ is also very beneficial to lwer the risk of certain cancer.

6. Improves Immunity:

Red cabbage is a rich source of vitamin E that is responsible developing the immune system. Vitamin E generates antibodies that support to combat from infections as well as infections. It also works great for DNA reparation and its metabolism.

7. Sustains Blood Pressure:

Red cabbage involves potassium that is very helpful for regulating the level of blood pressure. It also great for heart therefore it is very essential for everyone to include a little part of raw cabbage in salad and in other dishes for getting its benefits.

8. Decreases muscle pain:

Lactic acid is chemicals that plays an effective role in treatment of muscle difficulty and reduces pain. Red cabbage is one of the best sources lactic acid and thus helps to cure muscle pain. If you consume cooked red cabbage in the diet then it releases lactic acid which treats the muscle pain.

Hence, these are the best health benefits of red cabbage and I hope you will find this article very beneficial as well as informative. Enjoy red cabbage!