How Desi Ghee Is Good For Your Babies

The worries about giving the child the right nutrition prevails in each and every parent, irrespective of the child’s age. Once your baby completes six months, he or she will be ready for semi-solid diet. Once the baby is comfortable with her solid food, you can introduce desi ghee in the baby’s diet. However, people have divided views when it comes to giving desi ghee for babies. While the senior citizens argue that ghee is a good source of nutrients essential for the proper growth and development of the baby, the next gen believes that consuming ghee could probably make their babies overweight and obese.

Which of these arguments is true? Well, both of them are true, but in different ways. Desi homemade ghee is a treasure trove of nutrients that could help in various ways. Along with consuming, ghee can also be used topically on babies as a solution for various conditions affecting their skin and scalp. Read on to know about the benefits desi ghee has for the babies.


1. Natural Way To Meet The Calorie Deficit

A toddler needs somewhere around 1200 to 1500 calorie a day, and this requirement increases with the increasing activity levels of a toddler. The inclusion of desi ghee in the diet of an active baby helps to ensure that the calorie deficit is met without any side effects.

2. Gives The Baby The Natural Dose of Fat

Fats are essential for the overall growth and development of the baby, with about 35% of the daily requirement met by fat intake. Since a baby’s food is sans of any kind oils or fats, the inclusion of desi ghee is one of the simplest and best ways to ensure that the toddler gets the required levels of fats.

3. Home Remedy For Cold And Cough

Crushed garlic sautéed in desi ghee makes a wonderful natural remedy for cold and cough. Apply the warmed concoction on your baby’s chest and massage gently to ease the congestion and unclog the blocked passages.

4. Good For Digestive System

Half a teaspoon of warm ghee could be given to your baby if he or she has constipation. It easily binds with the stools and softens the same, thereby easing constipation. Homemade Desi ghee can also help in easing the gas trapped in the stomach. Apply warmed ghee mixed with asafetida on your baby’s tummy and massage in clockwise motion to release the trapped gas.

5. Help In Healing Diaper Rash

Topical application of desi ghee moisturizes the area and promotes faster healing. It also eliminates the redness and eases the inflammation. Ghee also prevents the area from scarring.

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6. Use It As Your Natural Emollient

The fats present in clarified butter makes it a rich and natural emollient. Hence, it can b easily applied on the baby’s skin to heal winter rashes.

7. Cure For Mosquito And Insect Bites

A mixture of clarified butter and turmeric can be applied to the area of the bite to ease the inflammation and itching. Being a natural antiseptic, ghee protects the area from infections and promotes faster healing.

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8. Natural Lubricant

A mixture of ghee and olive oil or coconut oil can be used to massage the babies to improve the flexibility of the joints while strengthening them.

9. Natural Way To Help Baby Gain Weight

Since desi ghee is a rich source of fats, the inclusion of clarified butter in the food of babies daily could help them gain weight in a healthy way.

Even though desi ghee has quite a wide array of benefits for the babies, it is advisable to limit the intake to a maximum of one teaspoon per day. Take care and stay safe!