How Divya Tankan Bhasm Benefits To Our Health

The increasing surge of hair issues is an indication that something has gone wrong with your lifestyle, dietary habits, as well as our environments. Along with making changes to avert the conditions back to normal, you can also using certain herbs and Ayurvedic formulations to improve the health of your hair. Divya Tankan Bhasm is one such herbal medication that you can try. Prepared using a certain set of herbs in a pre-specified manner, this herbal formulation is an effective remedy for curing hair disorders.

Prepared from Borax, Divya Tankan Bhasm is known to be effective for easing conditions such as bronchitis, cough, cold, and even menstruation troubles in women. Read on to know about Divya Tankan Bhasm and its benefits in detail.

Divya Tankan Bhasm

The Health Benefits of Divya Tankan Bhasm

Here is a set of health benefits offered by this product from Patanjali that everyone ought to know:

  1. Being a pungent herbal formulation, it makes a good remedy for overweight and obesity.
  2. Studies suggest that that it is an effective cure for various health conditions triggered by a imbalance in Vata.
  3. It is beneficial for heart health.
  4. It is an effective cure for bronchitis and cough.
  5. It is beneficial in easing food poisoning.
  6. It is good for digestion and helps in easing bloating.
  7. Studies suggest it is beneficial to induce menstruation in women having issues with oligo-menorrhea and amenorrhea.
  8. It is known to be beneficial for inducing labor pains in pregnant women.
  9. It enhances the immunity level and averse frequent onset of cold and cough.
  10. It shields the lungs from infections.
  11. Divya Tankan Bhasm offers high levels of nourishment to hair roots and follicles and promote hair growth.
  12. It is a natural cure for radiant, healthy hair.
  13. Give your dry hair a boost of moisture by using this Ayurvedic product.
  14. It is an effective herbal cure for dandruff and other scalp disorders.
  15. It helps in easing diarrhea effectively.

How to use Divya Tankan Bhasm For Hair

You can just apply it on your hair and wait for five to 10 minutes before washing it off with normal water.

People with dandruff issues can make a paste and apply it on the scalp and wash off after half an hour with warm water.

Dosage of Divya Tankana Bhasma

Practitioners generally prescribe 125 mg to 250 mg of Divya Tankana Bhasma along with clarified butter and honey depending on the underlying condition.

Side Effects of Using Divya Tankana Bhasma

There are no harmful side effects associated with the use of this particular Ayurvedic herbal formulation. However, since it is known to enhance the levels of Pitta, people who have a sensitive stomach might experience a burning sensation.

Plus, it is advisable for women to avoid using this Divya Tankan Bhasm in the initial stages of pregnancy. It induces uterine contractions in pregnant women, leading to abortion.

Since it is known to increase the body temperature, it is advisable for people with irritable bowel syndrome and chronic acute gastritis to check with the doctor, even though this is touted to be an effective cure for both the conditions.

Being diuretic in nature, people who have renal issues or are on any nephritic drugs should also take the advice of a qualified Ayurvedic profession before using this Ayurvedic herbal concoction.

Have you ever tried using Divya Tankan Bhasm? What was your experience? Why don’t you share your views with us? As with any herbs, please do consult with a doctor before you start including this Ayurvedic medication in your lifestyle. Stay safe! Stay healthy!