How Does Liquid Diet Benefit Your Health

Do you want to know liquid diet benefit? Most of the people involve more amounts of liquids or juices in their diet for getting their benefits. It is insensible moreover partial or filled meal replacement by either clear or non-clear juices while planning mealtime as well as food preparation takings a lot of time. On the other hand, a drink or mixed soup in the morning takings only minutes to make. Hence, today in this article we are telling you about benefit of liquid diet on your health.

The Liquid diet is a diet that is generally suggested for a person if he/she has experienced a surgery.There are two types of a liquid diet and they are as follows;

  • An ultra-low calorie liquid diet: It is practiced under severe medical observation only. It is used by extremely overweight person to lose weight in a small period of time. This diet offers on an average around 500 – 800 calories every day.
  • A meal replacement liquid diet: The meal replacement one is to substitute the two meals of the day with the liquid alternatives. It can be used for gentler, steadier weight-loss. This diet is carefully edged to be great in fiber, vitamins, protein, minerals, and small in fat.

Juice Diet

Example of liquid Diet plan:

Now, here we are given a sample that how to involve a liquid diet in your timetable. They are as follows;


  • A Cupful of Strained Fruit Cereal
  • one cup of herbal tea with sugar or honey
  • A glass of Water or Coffee
  • A Cup of Fruit Juice

Morning Snack


  • One cup of a clear sports drink
  • One Cup Pureed Fruit
  • A Cup Of Pureed Vegetables
  • A Glass of Soy Milk or Plain Milk
  • Tthree-fourths cup of lemon-lime soda
  • A Cup of Broth

Afternoon Snack

  • One popsicle
  • A Cup of Ice Cream
  • A Glass of Plain Water

Evening Snack

  • One-half cup of juice,
  • three-fourths cup of clear broth,
  • three-fourths cup of ginger ale,
  • one-half cup of flavored gelatin,
  • and one cup of herbal tea with honey or sugar.


  • A Cup of Pureed Fruit
  • A Cup of Creamed Soup
  • A Glass of Fruit Juice
  • A Glass of Water
  • A Glass of Soy Milk or Plain Milk

Night Time Snack

  • A Cup of Yogurt
  • A Cup of Fruit Juice
  • A Glass of Water

Benefit of Liquid Diet:

The liquid diet offers several benefits on your health and some of them are as follows;

1. Weight Loss:

If you want to lose a lot of weight in less time, liquid diet is the correct choice. Moderate to great weight loss can be attained with the habit of liquid diet plan. The liquid diet fulfills your body needs but you have to remember that do not take this for longer time. It is also suggested that about 1200 daily calories are required when you are taking this for weight loss.

Ayurveda Help in Weight Loss

2. Post-Surgery:

Some medicinal treatments want the patient to continue under surveillance for up to 72 hours and in this period solid food cannot be given to the patient; in such a condition a liquid diet is most favored because it decreases the rinsing of digestion on the organs.

3. To Treat Obesity:

Obesity is the most common difficulty that is resolved by liquid diet. It retains the calorie consumption of the body in regulation whereas given that for the compulsory energy. Obese people have the threatening time in receipt of used to the liquid diet planned since the body takings a lot of time to regulate to the alteration of food routine.

4. Medical Procedures:

For certain medical procedures the patients are suggested to keep away from solid food for at least 24 hours. The liquid diet is helps to clear out the digestive system and drop the stress on the digestive organs. The tests include sigmoidoscopy, MRI, colonoscopy and certain x-ray, or serious oral, stomach, bowel surgery or bariatric.

5. Boost The Metabolism:

In this liquid diet, you have to take green tea as a substitute for the normal caffeine. It helps to improve the metabolism level of the body and offer compulsory energy for the whole day activity. Green tea contains catechins, supports to burn out the calories.

6. Overall Health Benefit:

In this the person has to juice only water the complete day over and done with, this will provide a healthy looking skin, release digestion problem, fit for joints and hair. This is totally calorie free and an operative weight dropping device.

7. Diarrhea:

Liquid loss leads to a more severe sign of dehydration and nonexistence of carbs, thus hindering fast intestinal retrieval. While plain water is decent to fight all indications of dehydration, clear liquid diet is probable to leave one with a countless shot of energy.

Hence, these are the important liquid diet benefits and I hope you find this very interesting as well as beneficial. Stay healthy!