How Does Pistachio Nuts Benefits Your Health

If you are nut aficionado, then pistachio nuts could easily become your favorite. Roasted, salted, spiced, or toasted – you can enjoy these nuts as you like. The pale green hued nuts are quite often seen inside a slightly hard, beige hued shell that you have to crack to enjoy the crunchy bites. Packed with the goodness of healthy fats, various minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients, pistachios, undoubtedly, have a wide array of benefits for you. Here is a sneak view into the health benefits offered by pistachios…

17 Healthy Reasons For Enjoying Pistachios

1. Keeps Track of the Cholesterol Levels:

Munching on these subtly crunchy bites is known to help you keep a check on the levels of LDL, the bad cholesterol. Plus, your HDL levels are improved, which in turn makes sure that your heart is shielded from cholesterol-triggered invasive medical conditions.

Pistachio Nuts Benefits

2. Strengthens The Nerves:

A lower level of LDL is always known to be good for the nerves. You can always rely on pistachios to prevent the surge of bad cholesterols, thus strengthening your nerves, and thereby the heart.

3. Natural Anti-Inflammatory Qualities:

Packed with vitamins A and E, these green hued nuts are innate anti-inflammatory agents. Regular consumption of helps the body to combat inflammatory conditions.

4. Helps You With Weight Loss:

Being a good source of healthy fats and decent levels of protein, pistachios easily qualify as a snack for those who are on weight loss spree. However, make sure you do not consume in excess as they are packed with calories.

5. Ideal Snack For Those Who Want To Gain Weight:

If you feel this is a contradictory statement, then you got it wrong. Being calorie dense bites, these are one of the healthiest snacks quite often suggested if you want to add up your weights. Plus, these also keep a tab on the bad cholesterols. So, the result is definitely a positive one.

6. Shields You From Type II Diabetes:

Phosphorous plays a quintessential role in ensuring that the proteins break down properly into amino acids, thereby ensuring adequate levels of glucose tolerance. Type II Diabetes is a condition where the affected people display glucose intolerance. 1 cup of pistachios are sufficient to meet 60% of the recommended daily value of phosphorous. And, that makes these nuts a good munch for the diabetics as well as those who are in the pre-diabetic stage.

7. Helps In Increasing The Hemoglobin Levels:

Hemoglobin is a type of metalloprotein packed with iron. This is the element that ensures that oxygen, in adequate quantities, is provided to all the parts of human body. A lack in the protein could result in various health conditions, including anemia. Vitamin B6 is the key ingredient that enables this process and pistachios are richly packed with this particular vitamin. You can thus include these nuts in your diet to ensure that your hemoglobin levels do not fall short.

8. For A Better Immunity Power:

The healthiness of immunity system is invariably dependent on vitamin B6. The better your immunity power is, the lower the chances of being preyed upon by assorted health. So, start including pistachios in your daily diet and start enjoying a better immunity.

9. Helps In Keeping The Brain Healthy:

This, again, is related to the two points mentioned above. Inadequate supply of oxygen to the brain could actually put it at the risk of various medical conditions. The inclusion of the nuts will ensure that the brain receives proper levels of oxygen and thus keeps it active and safe.

10. Good For Your Nervous System:

This benefit also has to do with the vitamin B6 concentration in these nuts. This particular vitamin enables the synthesis of amine, the communication triggering molecules present in the nervous system. B6 ensures that the myelin is built properly around the nerves so that the communication between the nerves are proper. This, in turn, ensures that the nervous system is functioning the right way.

11. Helps In Keeping The Glands Healthy:

A genuine amount of blood supply is required to ensure that various glands of human body, including thymus, spleen, and thyroid, are functioning the right way. A proper blood circulation will render these glands the white blood corpuscles adequate to combat infections and ensure faster recovery. Any shortage in these could have grave impacts on your health. And, vitamin B6 is the key element that ensure proper supply of blood. Pistachios have this vitamin in plentiful.

12. Good For Your Eyes:

There are various optical disorders that affect people as they age. And, macular degeneration is one of the most commonly reported among such conditions. People lose the ability to read and recognize people and things as they vision deteriorates. Studies have proven that this condition arises from the damage that are caused due to free radical attacks. Pistachios contain zeaxanthin and lutein, two antioxidants that possess the potential to combat the free radicals and avert damages. So, isn’t that yet another good reason for including these nuts in your diet?

13. For A Younger Looking, Healthy Skin:

Pistachio is one of the ingredients used in assorted anti-ageing creams available in the market. Loaded with antioxidants, vitamin E, and vitamin A, these nuts actually curb the damages induced by free radicals. The lower the damages of free radicals are, the younger and healthier your skin will be.

14. Your Natural Dose Of Sunscreen:

Topical application of a sunscreen alone may not protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. You have to feed the skin from within and strengthen it to put up a fight with the sun to shield itself. You can now use pistachios for that. Vitamin E is found in plentiful amount that has sunscreen properties too. So, along with the topical application of the oil of these nuts, you can include a handful in your diet to deliver that vitamin E to your body. This will also ensure that your skin is safe from skin cancer caused due to the UV rays.

15. Keeps The Skin Naturally Moisturized:

Packed innately with demulcent properties, pistachios render an admirable level of hydration to the skin. This keeps the skin moisturized, leaving it visibly and tangibly smooth and silky. A hydrated skin is also known to be radiant. Thus, consuming pistachios and applying pistachio oil is sure to fetch you complements for a radiant, younger looking skin.

16. For A Long, Strong, And Thick Hair:

The assorted healthy fatty acids present in pistachios are known to possess the potential to avert hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Plus, the oil extracted from these nuts are known to strengthen the locks from the root, while keeping the scalp and hair moisturized. This, in turn, bestows you with a stronger, radiant, and healthy hair.

17. Natural Remedy For Split Ends And Color Damaged Hair:

Pistachios are also used as an effective remedy for split ends. You can also use the oil extracted from these pale green hued nuts to clear off the damages induced by using colors and other chemicals on the hair.

These are some really good benefits pistachios offer for your health. No wonder they make a temptingly tasty snack! If you really wish to reap the benefits, then opt for plain toasted nuts, free from oil and sodium or just blend a handful of raw pistachios with a glass of skim milk and flavor it with some sugar free sweetener and powdered cardamom for an awesome drink!
Start enjoying your pistachios now as a toast for your good health!