How Does Tulsi Benefit Our Body

It is not without reasons that doctors and healthcare professionals advise people to use organic extracts and natural solutions to cure various ailments and physical complications. Using organic solutions and extracts help your body heal without suffering from adverse effects. The herbs and plants used for such needs come with multiple health benefits as well. One such contender is holy basil or Tulsi. This aromatic plant available in Asian subcontinent has served as a powerful herbal source for treating diverse ailment in humans since ages. Its leaves and roots are used widely to make natural remedies to treat chronic conditions too.

 Top 8 Health Benefits of Tulsi


Mitigating Intensity of Fever

Tulsi has proven anti-bacterial and germicidal properties which make it ideal for treating fever. In fact, it can be used to cure fever caused by both common cold and malaria. A mixture of tulsi leaves and water, boiled and mixed with cardamom can be given to people suffering from fever. This works particularly well for kids, as it has been seen.

Safeguarding The Heart

People go to any length to ensure they have robust cardiac health. While you can pop in Omega 3 capsules to keep your heart healthy, using Tulsi can enhance the benefits! It has Eugenol, a potent anti-oxidant component. It helps in keeping blood pressure in check. It also helps lower cholesterol levels. These, in turn, benefits your heart. You simply need to chew a few Tulsi leaves everyday for obtaining the cardiac benefits in the long run.

Dealing With Dental Problems

Both kids and adults suffer from various dental problems including cavities and toothache from time to time. While opting for OTC medications is possible, you can also try Tulsi for festive relief in such situations. Tulsi can be used to fight bacteria that cause tooth cavities, plaque, as well as bad breath. Its astringent properties ensure the teeth are held strongly by the gums.

Controlling Diabetes

The world is going gaga over diabetes medications and extensive studies are being conducted by medical professionals. However, Tulsi leaves are fortified with essential oils and antioxidants that can benefit diabetes victims to an extent. The substances aid insulin releasing pancreatic beta cells to function as required. As a result, the insulin sensitivity of these people is raised.

Stress Busting

Look around and you are likely to find literally everyone, including the neighbourhood kid to a corporate honcho coping with significant stress. It can hamper your professional life and take a toll on personal relations too. While trying meditation may help you, you can also try tulsi. Its leaves have anti-stress agents that fight cortisol-the human stress hormone. Chewing tulsi leaves everyday can help you battle stress levels and stay calm amidst pressure.

Thwarting Development of Kidney Stones

If you want to keep kidney stone formation at bay, there is hardly anything better than Holy basil. It is a superb detoxifier and diuretic agent. It lowers uric acid levels in your blood the major reason for kidney stone formation. Using tulsi leave juice with honey, can do wonders in this regard.

Natural Anti Smoking Agent

There are millions of women and men who want to quit the harmful habit of tobacco smoking, but find the addiction too strong to discard completely. For these people, tulsi can act as the saviour. It has powerful anti- stress compounds and so its consumption helps lower stress levels. As it is, a majority of people resort to smoking to battle stress. The cooling effect you feel by chewing the leaves can also aid in smoking cessation.

Curing Several Eye Related Problems

Tulsi can be used to take care of a number of eye related ailments, as it is. You can wash eyes in basil soaked water every day. This can help you combat conjunctivitis and related eye infections. Regular consumption of its leaves helps improve vision and fights macular degeneration.