How Does Yoga Soothe Back Pain

Back pain is one of the key triggers behind orthopedic visits. Poor lifestyle, pathetic postured, incorrect sleeping styles, lifting heavy objects the incorrect way, obesity – especially in the abdominal region, and lack of exercise are some of the most popular reasons for someone developing back pain. You can now put all these worries to rest by practicing yoga.

Yoga soothes back pain by:

  1. Strengthening hamstrings, hip flexors, spine, and back
  2. Improving the flexibility of hamstrings, back, and spine
  3. Correcting your posture
  4. Improving circulation levels
  5. Easing anxiety and stress

Here are some of the effective, yet easy yoga poses you can try to alleviate back pain experienced:

10 Yoga Poses For Your Back Pain

  1. Vrikshasana – Tree Pose


This is a balancing pose that helps in giving your spine and back a nice stretch. It elongates and strengthens the spine as well as hamstrings, strengthens your back muscles, and corrects your posture. It helps in calming you down with the help of breathing.

  1. Dandasana – Stick Pose


Many a time your slouching on the chair and sofa triggers back pain. This pose helps in correcting your posture by elongating and lengthening the spine. The spine is made more supple and flexible, while the lower back muscles are strengthened. It helps in creating a new awareness about the body that will help you to keep track of your posture. The back muscles become more flexible, thereby healing any injuries in the area.

  1. Agnistambhasana – Knee to Ankle Pose


This is a variation of Ardha Padmasana that does wonders in correcting the posture. Keep your neck relaxed in the posture. It corrects the alignment of the spine and strengthens your back and spine. The pain induced by an incorrect spine is alleviated by gently restoring the curve of spine. It is quite therapeutic for mild sciatica as well as back pain experienced during pregnancy.

  1. Baddha Konasana – Bound Angle Pose

Baddha Konasana

A great way to open up the hips, it is a simple way to correct the posture and thus, ease the discouraging back pain. It strengthens your hips, inner thighs, and back muscles. It opens up the lower back and eases sciatica. Women can practice this pose during menstruation as well as after delivery to obtain relief from the nagging back.

  1. Supta Vakrasana – Reclining Spinal Twist Pose

Supta Vakrasana

Give your spine a gentle twist while massaging the back muscles gently with this yoga asana for back pain. Stiff spine gets a healing touch while the lower back is opened up.

  1. Setu Bandhasana – Bridge Pose

Give your back a good stretch with the Bridge. It strengthens your lower back and spine as well as offers relief from sciatica. Your stress and anxiety issues also gets handsome rewards with regular practice of this asana

Setu Bandhasana Vinyasa


  1. Bhujanghasana – Cobra Pose

yoga cobra

Along with keeping the spine supple, strong, and flexible, the Cobra helps in strengthening the lower back muscles. It eases your sciatica while offering relief to women suffering from post delivery back issues.

  1. Shalabasana – Locust Pose


It strengthens the muscles located near the spine and improves spine flexibility. This is one of the best poses you can try to put an end to your intense back pain, irrespective of the triggers of the condition.

  1. Dhanurasana – Bow Pose

Dhanurasana Bow pose

A good stretch for your back and spine, it plays a quintessential role in toning and strengthening the spine and back. It eases the stiffness experienced by the spine and improves the flexibility. The sagging tummy is toned, thereby healing the ache arising due to tummy. It improves your posture too.

  1. Shashankasana – Rabbit Pose


A variation of Balasana [Child’s Pose], it is a good spine strengthening and stretching yoga asana. It strengthens the lower back muscles and helps in toning the tummy, thus offering relief. The spine stiffness is eased and becomes more flexible and supple. The digestive issues are relieved, thus bestowing you with relief from tummy troubles induced back pain.

There are numerous yoga poses that could help in warding off back pain – Cow Pose, Cat Pose, Cow-Cat Vinyasa, Vajrasana, Padmasana, Supta Baddha Konasana, Tirangle Pose – and many more. The intensity and difficulty of the poses depend on the nature of back pain and the cause triggered by it. Along with these poses, try following the tips mentioned below and go back pain free:

  1. No more slouching
  2. Consciously correct your posture, while sitting, standing, and lying down
  3. Place a hot water bag on the affected region to improve the circulation and ease the pain
  4. Avoid refined foods, including sugar and pastas and junk food, to cut down on belly fat
  5. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water
  6. Exercise regularly

Follow these and you will find your back pain bidding adieu permanently very soon!