How Frozen Food Affects Our Health

So, you are on your slimming down regimen and have stocked your freezer with hose lip smacking low fat variants of frozen delights. The argument – since they come in controlled portion sizes, they do help in sticking onto the low calorie meal goal. Let’s now face the reality which is quite rude and shocking too. Frozen foods, whatever your argument be, are never the best options, irrespective of you goal.

Pause and take time to take a delve deep down the various harsh impact frozen foods have on our health right here with us….

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The Harsh Reality of Frozen Foods You Should Be Aware of

  1. Hampers with your slimming journey

Many a time, they come just packed with very fewer calories that do not even meet the requirement. So, even if they have mentioned a 180 calorie on the package, most of them will come from the empty ones, just acting as fillers. The aftermath – you end up munching as your tummy craves for more. There is more – the metabolic rate crashes and your slimming journey topples.

  1. The functioning of your digestive system is compromised

Frozen foods are meant to have longer shelf life and hence are loaded with loads and loads of preservatives. Persistent use of additives and preservative laden foods can hamper with your digestive system. Digestive system, as per Ayurveda, is the core of your entire body. The slightest disturbance to its normal functioning is sure to leave you with countless health troubles, including joint aches, fluid retention, ascites, and what not.

  1. Your renal system is at stake

You do need sodium, but in very limited quantities. And, these frozen low calorie meals are rich in sodium. The more frequent you use them in your diet, the higher the chances of you developing renal disorders, including kidney failure.

  1. You are the stake of developing hypertension

Too much sodium, as studies have prove, is known to potentially increase the level of pressure in blood. Coupled with up stress, which is widely prevalent in today’s life, intake of sodium beyond admissible levels daily could increase the risk of hypertension.

  1. It is not good for the heart

Frozen low calorie meals are never considered good for the heart health. There are two factors that contribute to this. One is the presence of sodium in these instant foods that actually cause hypertension. The other is the preservatives that are added in profuse amounts to ensure that these foods last longer. Both of them impact the heart, leaving it more susceptible to unprecedented grave issues.

  1. Can affect your memory power

You might be choosing those frozen French Fries or Smileys for your kid so that your after-school snack trouble is put to ease. But do you know that a recent study have proved that intake of frozen foods in excess amount could result in memory loss. It is perfectly okay if you need to spend a little more time in the kitchen but your kid will be healthier and safe, and you too. Loaded with trans fats, these frozen foods have a huge impact on the memory of people falling into the young and middle aged category.

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  1. Can affect your fertility levels

Women out there! If your menstrual cycles are being blown out, a look at your freezer would give you the answer. Yes! Studies have proven that women who use more frozen foods in their meals are known to have disrupted menstrual cycles and lower levels of fertility. Stay away from these if you are trying to conceive or you are pregnant.

The list of the harsh impacts of frozen foods does not end here. It can be one the unexplained reasons behind cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, as well as a myriad of other health conditions. If you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, then it would be the best to opt out of these frozen delights. Stay healthy! Stay safe!