How Instant Noodles Maybe Hurting Your Health

Let’s go over a real life scenario – and, yes, like most real life scenarios this might be a little unpleasant. You are hungry and all alone in the house. There is nothing you can cook because either you are too lazy or you don’t know how to. Since you are hungry you want to eat something. You can pick up your phone and ask for the home delivery of some food but that may take a while. You want to eat something instantly. You look up inside the cabinets and find a few packets of instant noodles. What do you do next? You cook them and you have your meal ready in no time. If you have done it once, the chances are that you do it often. The instant noodles may seem like quick solution to your hunger problems but they may not necessarily be the best one. There are many perils of eating too much of instant noodles and here are some of them.


Instant Noodles Contain Fat

When you look at those straws of needles intertwined with each other, they don’t look greasy at all and you can hardly say that they contain high amount of fats. The truth is that they do. You will be surprised to know that the instant noodles are one of the most processed food items available and whatever is processed also contains fat. These noodles barely contain any nutrition and they are almost as bad as any other junk foods. So if you are thinking that you are not swallowing fats and calories with the instant noodles, perhaps you will want to rethink about it. Surprising as it may sound, but eating fried chips could be healthier than eating the instant noodles.

There Are No Nutrients At All

If you are living off on the instant noodles then you cannot do any worse with your body than this. There are absolutely no vitamins, minerals or any other nutrients in the instant noodles. If you are eating too much of it to satisfy your hunger most of the times then you are depriving your body of the most important nutrients. Bold it may sound, but you will not remain healthy for a long time if you are relying completely on the instant noodles.

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Too Much Salt

There is high level of sodium in the instant noodles. There are other chemical items too that are added to the instant noodles that increase the sodium level. These chemicals (permitted) are added to keep them from getting stale and also to add flavor. Although these chemicals are permitted, nonetheless they are harmful too. It is no secret that too much consumption of sodium can increase the blood pressure level in the body. This may lead to further cardio vascular problems in the long run. In fact, high level of sodium can also cause anxiety in many. So if you want to avoid these problems, it is advisable that you do not eat too much of instant noodles.

Did You Ever Think You Could Be Eating Wax?

The noodle straws are so comfortable braided into each other and yet they take no more than a moment to separate from each other at the slightest hint of warm water. Why is that so? Why don’t they stick to each other wet the way they do it dry? The reason is pretty simple. Each straw of the noodle is coated with wax (again permitted by FDA). When dry they remain entangled but when moist they slip away from each other without any problem. The problem with wax is that it is not good for our digestive organs. So if you are eating too much of instant noodles then you are putting your digestive system at peril.

It Can Cause Allergy Too

It has been observed that people who eat too much of instant noodles can develop many types of allergies. Although it doesn’t happen with a lot of people but it may trouble some of them. In fact, some people with certain allergies do not even know the root cause, which could be eating too much of instant noodles. With so many perils, it is better to cut down the consumption of instant noodles.

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