How Is Divya Mahatriphaladi Ghrit Useful

Nowadays, people from diverse age groups may get afflicted with various types of ailments owing to stress, rising levels of pollution and dietary deficits. While seeking relief by using OTC medications is what most people do, they also have to cope with side effects. Using herbal products, and extracts is always a better option. Such products do not come laden with harmful chemicals and the risk of side effects is nearly absent. In the last few years, Herbal and Ayurvedic products have seen a rise in popularity. The products made by Patanjali Ayurved led by Swami Ramdev have become very popular with proponents of herbal and Ayurvedic products. The Divya Maha Triphaladi Ghrit made by the ashram is one such product.

Divya Mahatriphala Ghrit

What is Divya Maha Triphaladi Ghrit?

Made with pure ghee obtained from cows, Divya Maha Triphaladi Ghrit is an Ayurvedic composition that can be used by men and women to treat eye and vision related problems. It is made with a number of healing and beneficial herbs and ghee. Usage of this product helps enhance vision and eye functioning. It tastes sweet and has a heavy consistency. It is sold in a 200 grams easy to use container. Nowadays, it can also be purchased in many online shops.

The ingredients used to make Divya Maha Triphaladi Ghrit

As a matter of fact, Divya Maha Triphaladi Ghrit is made with pure cow ghee and a number of herbs. These herbs have been used since ancient times and their efficacy has been admitted by western medical experts too. These herbs include Bhringaraj, Guduchi, Haritaki, Amalaki, Nidhigdika, Gambhari etc. Cow milk is also used to make this product. The herbs add a pleasant aroma to the product.

The benefits of using Divya Maha Triphaladi Ghrit

Unlike OTC eye care products which are aimed at solving specific vision related issues, users of this herbal preparation can get relief from numerous vision problems. The main benefits are:

  • It offers a sensation of coolness to the area around the eyes.
  • It helps improve general eye health with regular use.
  • Usage of this product can thwart the onset of cataract, a vision problem that affects a majority of the elderly population. However, better results can be expected if you use it at an early stage of cataract.
  • Divya Maha Triphaladi Ghrit can help people suffering from night blindness.
  • Regular usage of this herbal formulation can also reduce glaucoma.
  • It has antioxidant properties and help skin and eye from the damaging effects of free radicals in the atmosphere.
  • It has anti inflammatory properties.

Recommended way to use Divya Maha Triphaladi Ghrit

To get the desired result from Divya Maha Triphaladi Ghrit, you need to follow recommended dosage and usage instructions. Ideally, you can take this twice a day, in a quantity not exceeding 12 grams. You can take it with honey and milk once in the morning and later in the evening. So, a pack can last for 2 months for one person on regular usage.

Things to keep in mind

Like other products made and sold by Patanjali Ayurveda, Divya Maha Triphaladi Ghrit is safe and does not create adverse effects in users. However, it should not be consumed in excess amounts. Doing so can lead to onset of digestive problems and diarrhea.

While the formulation can help improve general eyesight and fight the onset of eye problems, you should consult with an ophthalmologist before starting its usage for complex vision related issues. He can also guide you on possible interaction risks with existing medications, if any.