How Sitting Too Much Affects Your Health

Long working hours of current professions many a time need you to sit continuously in front of your desktop. And, the duration quite often exceeds 6 hours of sitting continuously. Work has it demands; there is denial to that facts, but are you aware of the fact that long periods of continuous sitting can cut down your lifespan by 30%! Yes, along with that you are also at a higher risk of various other health conditions including obesity and cardiovascular conditions. Read on to know more about the ill effects of sitting too much!

The Hazards of Sitting Continuously For Long Duration


  1. Obesity

There is no wonder as to why the risk of this morbid health condition is on the rise. You sit and relax. You even have your food on your desk. Come on, even worse! People do not even take a break to empty their urinary bladder. Whatever you eat throughout the day just gets absorbed. When there is an inefficient calorie burning together with a sluggish metabolic rate, you will become obese, especially around the waist.

  1. Diabetes Risk

Studies suggest that people who sit continuously for prolonged time are at a higher risk of developing diabetes. The reason? The metabolic rate slows down to a great extent, resulting in an increased level of sugar in blood. The insulin resistance also spirals up. The outcome – you will find yourself within the clutches of diabetes.

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  1. Higher chances of developing heart diseases

According to a study, exercising for 60 minutes after a whole day of sitting will not compensate the sitting duration. The risk of such persons developing grave heart conditions are as same as or even higher than people who do not workout and sit throughout the day. Give it a sure thought next time you are competing for something at work.

  1. Increase cholesterol levels

Sitting for longer duration results in the crashing of enzyme activities in human body by a massive 90%. This prevents the conversion of fat into energy. The result – your bad cholesterol level surges. Along with stress, it will start chocking your arteries, inviting undesirable consequences. According to studies, the level of healthy cholesterol dips by about 20% after sitting continuously for a couple of hours.

  1. Herniated Disk and Sciatica

Continuous sitting damages the hips and spines due to the extra pressure it experiences in the process. And, certain injuries worsen over the time, triggering conditions as a slip disc, spondylitits, and sciatica. Your spine might even get dislocated with the sole treatment being surgery for recuperation.

  1. Posture Issues

You automatically tend to lose the posture after sitting for long hours as your lower back starts aching. Once or twice you will even correct yourself. But slowly you forget it and bad posture very soon becomes your companion. And, you will soon find yourself having that nagging back and neck, a small belly propping out, your jean sizes getting bigger, and fluid retention on your ankles.

  1. Knee Injuries

While you sit on a chair, you keep your legs perpendicular to the floor. Continuously sitting in this posture, over extended period of time, pressurizes the kneecaps, triggering swelling and pain within and around the knees. You might even notice a collection of fluid just beneath the knees. Just keep waking for 5 minutes for every 60 minutes you sit. Plus, keep your leg extended to avoid this issue.

  1. Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis is a health condition wherein clots develop in the arteries supplying blood to your legs, thereby triggering severe inflammation and pain. This is quite common in people who are forced to sit in the same position without moving for hours around.

  1. Increased Depression Risk

Increased duration of sitting slows down your blood circulation to the brain. The lesser the blood flow is, the lower the movement of feel good hormones will be. This slowly worsens over the time, triggering depression.

  1. Shorter Life

Are you sitting for more than six hours a day? If you are a woman, then chances that you will have an early death is about 35%. And, if you are a man, then the risk ups by 18%. This is the case if you exercise. Women who do not exercise and sit for 6+ hours have a premature death risk of 94% as against a 48% for men falling under the same category.

These points are no joke if you are spending more at your desk. It is high time you revamp your working regimen and include some exercise before it is too late to be reversed.