How To Boost Your Child’s Immunity

The constant stomach pains and loose motions, the recurrent cold attacks, the always runny noses! Sounding familiar? Most of the times, parents ignore these conditions considering it as a part and parcel of the school. But are all the kids out there falling sick every now and then? No! So, what could you do to keep your child safe from falling sick? The answer is – improve her immunity! And, here are some and effective tips that could help you!

  1. Give them a healthy and nutritious diet!

Boost Your Child’s Immunity

Kids love jams and chocolate spreads. Ice creams and marshmallows are always their favorite treats. But all these pull down the potential of your child’s immune system. Constant bombarding with treats packed generously with refined sugar could pave way for increased food intolerances. And, if your child is suffering from a food allergy, then he is bound to experience frequent episodes of gastrointestinal troubles. Be a little careful the next time you give him a sweet treat. Use jaggery or honey to sweeten the dish in a healthier way. You can also added dates, currants, and raisins or any such dried fruits for a healthier sweet.

  1. Give him probiotics!

Probiotic Drinks

These gut friendly bacteria help in shielding the digestive tract. It also ensures that food is properly digested and he is away from those bugs. Any disruption in the natural harmony of these bacteria quite often sets a spree of infections. Opt for including yogurt packed with fruits in the diet of your kid every day.

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  1. Watch out for their stress levels!

Divorce With Kids

Kids and stress? Many people raise their eyebrows when this topic is discussed, but the fact is that kids do get stressed. They are always over-scheduled and have to manage everything. So like adults their adrenaline and cortisol levels rise, exposing them to an increased risk of infections and health disorders. Let them be at peace. Allow them to relax. It is fine if they miss a day at the badminton court once. It is okay if they sleep at 7 pm. Health is more important.

  1. Ensure that they are getting at least 10 hours of sleep a day!

Sleeping Child

Kids need anywhere between ten to fourteen hours of quality sleep daily. Coax them to develop a proper sleep schedule so that they could sleep better. Keep television and PC or tablets away from their room to spare them from the temptation of playing too long. Put off the lights to ensure that they sleep deep.

  1. It is okay to have a fever!

Viral Fever in Infants

Do not rush and pack them up with the over-the-counter antipyretic drug as soon as you notice a rise in their temperature. It is okay to get fever as it is the body’s natural mechanism to respond to an infection. While fever is a good thing to happen, if it does not subside or is too high, then do visit the doctor.

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  1. Include supplements in the diet!


Including supplements such as zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D in the diet of children could help in boosting the immunity power of your kid. If your child is prone to recurrent respiratory infections, herbs like astragalus could be helpful. You could put him on a dose of vitamin C and fish oil, if he is allergic. But, as with any other case, do check with your doctor before putting your child in any supplement.

  1. Use antibiotics and vaccines only if required!


There are a wide variety of antibiotics and vaccinations that are prescribe today. While both these medications do help in easing infections, they could probably hamper with the potential of your child’s immunity system. So, choose to provide them only if it is really required.

  1. Cajole them to exercise!

Increase Height in Kids

Exercising regularly improves the immunity system by increasing the count of infection combating white blood cells. You could sweet talk him to choosing a game of his choice that he could practice at least 5 times a week. Yoga is yet another form of mild exercise that does wonders in enhancing the immunity and fending off the infections.

Last, but not the least, try to breastfeed your baby. Studies do suggest that breastfed babies have higher levels of immunity power as against the bottle-fed babies.

What do you do to improve the immunity of your baby naturally? Share with us!