How To Boost Your Energy & Motivation Levels

In this world that seems to operate at the speed of light, it is common for people to feel tired and lethargic. When they have to be on the move, they have to get things done so quickly that there is no time to focus on themselves. As a result, when they are not doing what they need to do, many people tend to zone out and go on autopilot.

It is not a great feeling to be completely without energy or motivation in daily life. Energy drinks have taken on a major role and significance in modern culture. These days, many people, particularly college students cramming for exams, use energy drinks to keep themselves awake. These drinks allow them to go for days on end without sleep and in many cases, get a lot done.

However, these drinks are terrible in the long term. They are full of caffeine and sugar, and they have deleterious effects on your system if you start to rely on them. If you want to boost your energy and motivation levels in a healthy, constructive way that will not mess with your system, here are 3 options you should consider.

1. Breath of Fire

Yoga is well known to be a healthy form of exercise that can help you become more limber. However, one little known aspect of yoga is the Breath of Fire. Essentially, this refers to a set of breathing techniques that can immediately boost your energy levels.

Motivation Levels

These breathing patterns actually stimulate your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to make you feel revitalized and more easily motivated to handle all the challenges presented to you. The Breath of Fire works to physically heat you up and cleanse your system as well as make you feel more energetic. These techniques are based largely on patterns of quick, serial exhales, and surprisingly enough, they have a real and proven effect.

2. Exercise

Exercise may tire you out, but on a larger scale, it can revitalize you and refresh your system. If you feel listless, increasing your physical activity can help you feel better not only in the moment but long term as well, as long as you incorporate exercise into your regular routine.


Physical activity will jump start your system and initiate actual physiological changes throughout your body. Blood flow to your brain and muscles will increase significantly, and you will become more alert, energetic, and motivated to deal with all sorts of obstacles.

3. Meditation

You may not realize this, but meditation on a regular basis can, over time, boost your energy levels and allow you to feel more motivated. Stress and anxiety, which are a part of most people’s lives in this busy day and age, can really sap your energy, ultimately draining your ability to motivate yourself as well. Meditation is a proven reliever of everyday stress.

compassion meditation

Though it may be hard to believe if you do not know much about meditation, it actually frees up a large portion of your mental energy that is otherwise wasted on anxiety. It also triggers the relaxation response, affecting your nervous and endocrine systems positively by regulating and re-balancing them. Meditation thus renews your energy levels and motivation abilities on a physiological level.

You will feel calmer and more ready to tackle whatever challenges lie ahead.

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In the modern world, energy and motivation are crucial to success, as well as a strong sense of personal well being. Although energy drinks and pills serve their purposes in the short term, employing healthier methods not only accomplishes the same result but does so without side effects. Try out these three techniques and see for yourself how much stronger and better you feel as a result.