How To Clean Liver And Gall Bladder From Cumulative Poisons

Gall bladder and liver cleanse are known by various names such as liver cleanse, liver flush, gall bladder flush, olive oil liver cleanse, liver detox,gallstones flush, liver and gall bladder flush and many more. Principles of liver cleanse are likely to be originated from ancient Mediterranean era.

A gall bladder or liver cleanse is done with walnut oil or olive oil mixed with lime juice or anyother similar citric fruit juice. The gall stones are made up of hardened fat. This simple juice combination does a miracle in abolishing these stones formed from hardened fat.

Gall bladder and liver cleanse is found to be most important remedy. The best part of this cleanse is that a normal person can make it at home as all ingredients are available. A good liver and gall bladder cleanse should be made with proper guidance and precautions for its safety and effectiveness.

Cleanse will help the liver to get detoxified and rejuvenate from the eating habits, dust and diseases. Cleaning gives good digestion, better immunity, mental relief and reduced body aches.


Methods of Liver And Gall Bladder Cleanse

First Method

This method of liver and gall bladder cleanse needs you to be empty stomach in early morning.
Apple juice, lime juice or grape fruit juice can also be mixed with olive oil to give different tastes and it can be easy for your palate to take all oil down.

  1. Take freshly crushed lime juice in small amount mixed with same amount of olive oil in one hour.
  2. In one complete day take at least 11-16 doses.
  3. For this method you need a strong stomach and a strong liking for olive oil.
  4. All ingredients are mixed in the glass jar.
  5. Let the mixture stay for whole night.
  6. Drink it slowly taking in small amounts and should be taken empty stomach next morning.
  7. This drink is to be taken four times a day. Take it for one week.

Second Method

This method likewise the first method uses walnut oil instead of using olive oil. This second method for liver and gall bladder cleanse is done just like the first method except by keeping the bottle under warm water of 16 ounce of walnut oil .Consistency of oil will get changed but effect will remain the same .

  1. A little quantity of apple juice without preservative is mixed with same amount of walnut oil.
  2. Shake it and drink it and then take small amount or a table spoon of freshly prepared lime juice. If olive oil and walnut oil are compared in relation to consistency and taste difference is hardly found.
  3. After two hour or in less period of time the mix goes down. It is easier and effective as compared to using olive oil.

Before starting liver and gall bladder cleanse use apple vinegar for one week. It will clean the digestive tract and will remove anything that comes in the way of the cleanse.

Third Method

This method is the combination of the good things of above mentioned cleanse methods. Epsom salts are not liked much but they are good for palate and as effective as the above methods.


  • Epsom Salts: 4 Tablespoons
  • Jar glass
  • Walnut oil without preservative or olive oil: Half cup
  • Peeled grape fruit: 2/3 cup


  1. This mixed drink should be started in the evening after 6 pm. Drink taken at this time will help in opening the bile ducts which will make an easier path for stones in passing out.
  2. Take the second drink at 8 pm and then at or around 9 and then at 10 pm.
  3. After taking the last dose of drink you should lie down on the bed with head at higher level to the abdomen.
  4. Next morning take the Epsom salt in 3?4 of glass around 6 in the morning and then around 8 am.

Few tips to remember:

  • When using the gall bladder and liver cleanse you should not take any supplements or hormonal pills or vitamin supplements.
  • Cooked cereals, fresh fruit juices, honey, whole grain breads, fresh fruits, baked potatoes should be taken as they can be easily digested till 2 pm.
  • Nothing else should be taken after that for whole day. Stomach will get disturbed after taking any meal after this time and will interrupt with the cleanse.
  • Drink the above mixture prepared in glass jar while standing so that it will straightaway go into the stomach without lingering in the throat.
  • Liver and gall bladder cleanse is most effective in the evening.
  • Any kind of exercise or eating something which is not healthier should be avoided.
  • One should walk in fresh air for getting the cleanse effective.
  • Toxins are being released from the liver after taking the small amounts of olive oil. This nausea can be overcome by taking small amount of walnut oil. That’s the reason method of walnut oil is used the most.
  • Liver and gall bladder should not be repeated earlier than 15 days of previous cleanse even if no results are found.
  • It should be done at a yearly basis to help the person to stay healthy.