How To Get Pregnant With An Irregular Period

Pregnancy is the first step to motherhood, deemed as the most fulfilling experience in a woman’s life. However, not all women find it smooth and hassle free to conceive. Apart from fertility issues, a woman may also face difficulty in conceiving owing to irregular periods. This is something a significant number of women face in life. However, women with irregular periods can also get pregnant with proper medical intervention and remedial measures.

Irregular Period: Getting Facts Clear

Basically, an irregular period denotes a menstrual cycle that is either longer than 36 days or less than 21 days. For some women, duration of menstrual cycles may vary from one month to another. In one month, such a woman may have a 23 day cycle while the next time it may stretch to 35 days.

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What Leads To Irregular Period In Women?

As it is, women may suffer from irregular menstrual cycle owing to a number of factors and some of these may be beyond their control. It can also be the symptom of an underlying ailment. These are:

  • PCOS– Sometimes, irregular periods can be caused by a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome.
  • Hormonal imbalance- Anomaly in hormone secretion can also lead to abnormal periods.
  • Weight issues- Women who are obese sometimes get irregular menstrual cycles.
  • Stress– when you are mentally stressed, it may lead to irregular periods.

When To Seek Medical Intervention For Irregular Periods

The right time to seek medical advice may vary from one adult woman to another. However, you can talk with a doctor if you find that you are not getting pregnant even after a year of trying. Women with Irregular periods face difficulty in conceiving because they ovulate in an inconsistent manner.

Ways To Improve Chances of Getting Pregnant When Having Irregular Periods

It is not impossible for women having irregular periods to conceive, as it is. You should try to restore regularity to your menstrual cycle, to begin with. The basic steps are:

  • Eating a balanced diet can help resolve menstrual cycle irregularity issues. Increase eating fresh produce, lean meat and try to get more organic foods in your diet. Cut down on junk and processed foods.
  • Losing excess body weight can also improve your chances of getting pregnant. Women who are underweight may cope with low estrogen levels leading to cycle irregularity. So, maintaining proper body weight helps in conceiving and eradicating menstrual cycle woes.
  • In some cases, women with irregular periods benefit from taking specially developed fertility-enhancing supplement.
  • Women with irregular cycles may benefit from moderate exercising when they want to conceive.

Predicting Ovulation

While it is always easier said than done, you can try ways to predict ovulation and adjusting your sexual life accordingly to enhance chances of conceiving. You may opt for an ovulation predictor test in this regard. However, the downside is such tests often yield some “false positives.” The Ovulation prediction kits are used to detect hormone LH which reaches the peak just before ovulation. Some women also resort to having sex frequently throughout a cycle to get pregnant.

Summing It Up

In some instances, women may find it impossible to conceive even after trying necessary changes in lifestyle, diet and adjusting sex life. You will need expert medical help in such instances. There may be issues with fertility and the doctor may advise using fertility enhancing drugs. If the underlying cause is PCOS, that need to be treated first. Based on your medical history, underlying conditions and fertility status, the doctors will recommend necessary drugs and changes in diet and lifestyle.