How To Get Rid of a Runny Nose

When your nose has started running, all you want is for it to stop. Blowing your nose can help for a few minutes, but it won’t be a real solution. Luckily, there are many things you can do to help a runny nose.

What causes a runny nose?

Runny noses are caused by a wide variety of factors. Having a cold, influenza, or a sinus infection are only a few of the many causes. Allergies, hay fever (a.k.a allergic rhinitis), medications, chemicals, air pollution, dry air, or stress are all a few common problems. The first step to treating a runny nose is trying to figure out which causes are behind the runny nose. Once you know this, you can move on to trying to treat the runny nose.

A few treatments for runny noses

1. Check the air humidity and purity

Has the air been dry lately? Running a humidifier or just boiling water on the stove for awhile can help out greatly! Also, make sure your air filters have been recently changed. Pollutants in the air can cause nasal irritation and runny noses. Avoid burning incense and spraying air spray for awhile to be sure those are not the cause.

2. Try an antihistamine

Many antihistamines work for treating allergies to pollen or air pollution. Follow manufacturer directions and things should start to dry up. Remember to read the label before taking any medication. Many antihistamines can make you drowsy which can be fatal if you intend to drive or operate any machinery. If you choose to use nasal sprays, only use them for a few days. Using nasal sprays for too long creates a “rebound effect” which will actually make things worse!

3. Try applying pressure

Pinch one side of your nose like you are trying to avoid a bad smell at least ten times. Then put pressure right below your tear gland on that side ten times. Put pressure on the area just behind your nose ten times, then finally, rub the ear lob on that side as well for a few moments. Repeat this on the other side as well.

4. Rinse out your nose

There are special urns made just for rinsing out the nasal cavity. Try filling one with water that has baking soda and salt added to it. The salt will dry out the nose while the baking soda will prevents irritation.