How To Get Rid of Agoraphobia With Home Remedies

Humans cope with various ailments and phobia in life and this is applicable to both genders. As opposed to illness which directly affects physical well being or health, a phobia is described as an irrational fear or anxiety induced disorder that makes the victim consciously evade certain people, places or situations. It makes people perceive danger in greater proportions than what they are in real life. One such instance is Agoraphobia. This is not properly understood and interpreted in most cases. While its verbal definition is fear of open spaces- it can be confusing and misleading. People suffering from Agoraphobia can feel panicked when they are exposed to certain situations and places.

Agoraphobia makes the affected people feel unsafe in certain places where they experienced something that affected their mind adversely and induced fear. They can also feel insecure because the openness of the space makes them feel things can go out of hand. This makes them avoid such spaces or events at any cost. They can feel panicked at supermarkets, malls, long queues and such ordinary places. On an average, it can affect 2% of human population. At times, it can also be caused by side effects of specific medications.


Symptoms of Agoraphobia

The main symptoms of this disorder are:

The affected people also suffer from low self-esteem and depression.

Treatments for Agoraphobia

There are various options available for treating cases of Agoraphobia. There are pharmaceutical treatments and some people also opt for SSRI inhibitors. While using anti-anxiety medications is an option, keep in mind they come with side effects. Choosing home based and natural remedies is a better option.

Home Remedies To Treat Agoraphobia

A number of herbs, not very common, can be used to get effective relief from this disorder.

  1. Valerian Root – This is used to treat myriad types of medical conditions and disorders like insomnia, depression and anxiety. The root works on agoraphobia and helps the victim combat the feelings of fear and panic.
  2. Chamomile – Doctors often advise people to sip Chamomile tea to combat anxiety and stress in life. It contains active flavonoids and soothes agitated nerves. It works on hormonal fluctuations in people subjected to agoraphobia and helps them relax.
  3. Passion Flower – Found mostly in North America, this vine is really useful to treat cases of agoraphobia. The chemical components present in this plant work on serotonin receptors. As a result, it can thwart human body’s stress response and lower anxiety levels. However, you should not use it in combination with any medication.
  4. Kava – This is a shrub cultivated mostly in Polynesia. Its roots are used as sedatives to treat anxiety related stress in humans. Its effect is quite strong, on par with benzodiazepines-say the medical experts. Avoid it if you are already using allopathic medication though.
  5. Skullcap – This is an herb that helps in strengthening the nervous system. It also helps in lowering inflammatory effects on the human body.
  6. Lavender – This is an aromatic flower and the essential oil is effective to reduce the effects of agoraphobia. It effectively cuts down production of human stress hormone, namely cortisol. Drinking lavender tea and massaging lavender essential oil can be useful if you want to cope with agoratherapy.


While using herbs can be effective for treating agoraphobia, you can also opt for behavioral treatments. It is scientifically debatable, but hypnosis treatment can be used to treat patients suffering from this disorder. Research has indicated that hypnotherapy helps the body respond better to stress.

Avoiding Drugs And Caffeine

At the core of agoraphobia, lies nervous anxiety. So, it is only prudent that you do not eat food or take drinks that can make you feel overtly excited or energetic. Hence, avoiding consumption of high energy beverages with caffeine is not advisable for the victims. For the same reason, you should not smoke or take drugs that can make the nerves excited.

Resorting To Yoga

Yoga does not only help in staying fit, but it also helps you to focus your mind. It helps combat stress and by practicing yoga regularly, you can improve the nervous response to situations that trigger panic attack.

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