How To Get Rid of Bladder Infections

A bladder infection is a painful and irritating inconvenience. The frequent need to take bathroom breaks during your day when you are hard at work trying to finish a task can be quite annoying. This is especially true for those of you who have a lot of travel in your work schedule or who are unable to take a bathroom break anytime they wish.

Bladder infections are generally bacterial infections of the bladder. Medically this condition is referred to as cystitis. It is basically an inflammation of the bladder and a lot of people often confuse the symptoms as being those of a urinary tract infection.

The most common complaints of people with bladder infections are that they feel the urge to urinate more frequently. Most of the time when they go to the bathroom they can only pass a very small amount of urine even though the urge was intense. Sometimes the act of urination does not alleviate the urge to urinate. There are complaints of painful burning sensations when the person empties their bladder. Often times the urine will appear cloudy and have a foul odor. Some people also complain of a pressure type pain in their lower abdomen.

When you find yourself experiencing any of the above mentioned painful symptoms you should see your health care provider for an accurate diagnosis of a bladder infection. They will test your urine to determine the presence of a bladder infection and to determine the exact cause of the infection. While most of these infections are caused by bacteria there are some other causes and the treatment will depend largely on the cause of the infection.

Once the doctor has determined the culprit that is creating a bladder infection in you they will prescribe antibiotics for you to take orally. The type of antibiotic, the strength of the medication, and the length of time you will be required to take the medication will all depend on the cause.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

You can also increase the amounts of fluid you are drinking to help flush out your bladder. You want to decrease your consumption of caffeinated drinks and drinks that contain alcohol. These substances can actually irritate your bladder. You want to drink more water and cranberry juice. Cranberry juice contains hippuric acid that helps to stop bacteria from being able to adhere to your bladder. You need to drink 100% cranberry juice and not a cranberry cocktail to get all the possible benefits. You can make the juice more palatable by diluting it with water or you can even buy capsules that contain all the benefits without the tart juice.

Personal Hygiene

Good personal hygiene can also help to stop the bladder infections. You want to keep your anal and vaginal regions cleansed and as free from bacteria as possible. Remind young girls that you wipe front to back and never back to front.

Recurring Bladder Infections

Recurring bladder infections can cause more serious complications. If you are experiencing recurring infections in your bladder be sure and see your health care provider to determine how to prevent these infections.