How To Get Rid of Excessive Sweating

It can be very difficult for anyone to deal with excessive sweating. It can not only create an uncomfortable odor but it also might get in the way of any social situations you get into. That’s why you need to do a few things in order to get rid of excessive sweating.

Here are a few of the best ideas you can use to help with getting rid of excessive sweat. Many of them involve talking with your doctor but they must still be considered.

Is Your Antiperspirant Suitable?

Sometimes an antiperspirant might help you out with controlling your sweating. However, there are cases where over-the-counter products are not going to be good enough with regards to controlling your sweating problem. You might have to contact a doctor to see if there are any prescription-strength antiperspirants that you could be using.

Get Rid of Excessive Sweating

Overnight Treatments May Work

Overnight treatments can help you out with keeping your excess sweat problem under control. This can work by having you dry the problem areas that you have at night and then getting an appropriate antiperspirant applied to these areas. You can then get that antiperspirant washed off in the morning. This may work on a daily basis until you begin to notice a substantial change in the way how the sweat haws occurred.

Is Occlusion Useful?

Occlusion is a procedure that may help you out as well. Occlusion is where areas that have to be treated are wrapped in a protective barrier after using antiperspirant on them. This is used in an overnight process. Sometimes a special towel might have to be used to get the protective barrier set up.

It could be useful but you have to talk with a doctor before you can go along with this procedure. The problem is that it might create some irritation on the skin.

What Medications Work?

A doctor might recommend some medications that help to suppress your sweat glands. Glycopyrrolate is one of the most commonly used medications for this condition. It may help you to keep your sweat glands from being overactive. This may work well but you have to see what the side effects might be. These side effects include occasional dizziness spells. Talk with your doctor about this before using it.

Botox Could Also Work

Botox is a procedure that is normally used to help control wrinkles around the face. It can also be used to control the skin under the arms. It can keep sweat glands in those areas from being overactive. Botox can be used to treat those spots for about three to six months on average.

botox stop excess sweating

These are good ways how you could get excessive sweating under control. You have to talk with your doctor about these solutions to see if they are suitable for you and if you are capable of qualifying to handle them. They may be useful but you need to make sure you are capable of getting the right treatment without problems getting in the way.