How To Get Rid of Jaundice

Jaundice the yellowing of the skin that occurs because the presence of a disease in your body. It does not in itself cause any physical harm but it can be hard to live with at times.

The embarrassment factor of walking around with yellow skin may be one very good reason to fix the situation. It is possible to get rid of jaundice in some cases. At the very least, you can lessen the intensity of your skin yellowness.


Jaundice could be the result of a liver problem, such as that your body is producing too much bilirubin and your liver cannot remove it all. This problem could also be because of having hepatitis, but some babies have it when they are born.

It could be also a side effect of medication, a food allergy, or other illness not mentioned here. In any case, if your infant is the one with jaundice do not panic. It can be dealt with accordingly as soon as you see a doctor.

If you are an adult and the yellowing is the result of a serious disease, still do not panic. In most cases you can add years to your life if you have an idea of how you can be treated.



Jaundice Treatments

You will find no universal treatment for jaundice because the cause of it is different for everyone. However, you can find out what normally works best for you according to what normally works for someone in your situation.

Here are some possible treatments for jaundice:

  • Light therapy– This often works well for a baby. First, the infant would be wrapped in a special blanket and/or placed under a UV light. This helps process the bilirudin throughout the infant’s kidneys.
  • Intravenous treatment. Antibodies are sent into the blood via the vein intravenously. This can be applied to a baby as well as an adult. It helps lessen the symptoms in hope that a blood transfusion is not needed, and it works to clear up moderate to severe cases.
  • Blood transfusion. This is not something that would be recommended for an infant. However, it can be used to clear up some cases of skin yellowing. It may be considered a more extreme measure and probably would be thought of after other options have been discussed.

Prevention Guide

You are advised to find ways to prevent jaundice. You can do this by eating a balanced diet and by exercising regularly, and making sure you make wise lifestyle choices (use alcohol in moderation and do not smoke). Keep your body as hydrated as possible too in order to keep your body flushed.


You should always seek a doctor’s advice in the event you have a serious liver, kidney, or other organ problem. Do not let the problem go neglected or your chance of fatality could dramatically increase.

Furthermore, as referring directly to hepatitis you should make sure you protect yourself. Either use caution when dealing with blood or protect yourself against STD’s. You could also get vaccinated against this virus if you wish.