How To Get Rid of Low Lung Capacity

Everyone should have a good lung capacity to lead an active and healthy life. If you feel shortness of breath, you should find out the cause immediately. One of the causes could be the habit of smoking cigarettes. The function of lungs is to take the oxygen inside the body and brings out carbon dioxide. Inhaling cigarette and air pollution can damage the lungs, which reduces lung capacity.

Low lung capacity can be caused by asthma and some diseases that affect respiratory system. People with low lung capacity have difficulties in performing physical tasks. If you take proper care, it is possible to improve your lung capacity and have easy breathing. You should stop the habits that create difficulty in breathing. You can do yoga and exercises to get rid of low lung capacity.

If you have the habit of smoking, you need to stop immediately. It is not easy for a smoker to stop smoking. The smoker should understand that the first thing he or she should do is to quit smoking. Exercise cannot improve the breathing capacity of your lung unless you quit smoking. Cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals. Inhaling these chemicals can increase mucus in the respiratory system, which clogs the air passages. This causes lung infection and reduces lung capacity. So before you go for any exercise or other method to increase your lung capacity, you should quit smoking first.

It is not impossible to quit smoking. However, it is very difficult for a smoker to quit smoking in one day. If you think that you can do it, start from today by reducing the dose of nicotine you use daily. You can gradually reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke daily. If you do not succeed in that, you can go for nicotine patches available in market. The nicotine patches can reduce the craving for smoking. You can consult a doctor, who will give you proper advice and medicines to quit smoking.

After you succeed in quitting smoking, you can gradually start doing yoga and exercises. You should focus on breathing exercises that will increase the capacity of your lungs. The right practice of yoga and aerobics help you to breathe easily. You have to learn proper method of breathing while doing yoga and aerobics.

You can also do a simple breathing exercise. You can do this by inhaling and exhaling air rhythmically. You should increase the number of times in breathing exercise. This will eventually increase the lung capacity.

Along with increasing your lung capacity, you can also strengthen your lungs by strenuous activities like running, swimming, weight lifting, and boxing. This will help the lungs to have more resistant to air pollution and respiratory diseases.