How To Get Rid of Stomachaches

Stomach ache can be just a pain from eating bad foods or it can be a symptom of a disorder or more serious disease. There are many diseases that have stomachaches as a symptom, so it can be hard to diagnose the exact reason for pain. Some causes for stomachache include trapped gases or the inability to consume dairy products with lactose.

Ongoing Problem

Stomach aches and abdominal pain is a common problem. Many who have abdominal pain might later find it to be benign; while some have more serious cases of pain or experience chronic pain. The severity of abdominal pain can be measured by a few factors, such as how acute or chronic it can get or how bad it can get over time, and the nature of the pain.


There are many ways to try to get rid of stomachaches. One way is to add a warm pack or compress to your abdomen area. This can help to reduce the aches and provide relief temporarily. Another way to take your mind off your stomachache is hold a piece of ice in your hand to take focus off the pain in your stomach. More useful ways include avoiding spicy foods, lying on your stomach to relax it, or try the old trick of drinking salt-sugar water. The taste is not the best but has done wonders to help a stomach ache. Make sure that your mind is occupied with something else to help take away the focus of the ache. Sometimes, not thinking about it can help it go away. Similarly, thinking about how much it hurts constantly will only enhance the pain in your mind. So don’t allow yourself to concentrate only on the pain and try to relax your stomach.

Preventing the Ache

Keep a record of any and all foods that may give you a stomachache. Even if you cannot determine which foods cause the ache, try to observe which foods worsen it and try to cut down on consumption of those particular foods. Dairy and milk products make cause tension and cramping in some who are lactose intolerant. There are dairy alternatives such as lactose-free milk to help avoid this. Try to also avoid acidic liquids such as alcohol or soda. This can seriously worsen your current condition. Also keep an eye on your stress levels because stress can be a cause of abdominal pain, resulting in cramps or increased pain.

Another way to help your stomach is to drink peppermint tea because it can help to coat the lining of your stomach. Try to push on your stomach and see if you hear any bubbling or gurgling noises; this can be an indication of trapped stomach gases. You can try to drink white soda such as seltzer, to help you burp away some of the gases.


You may immediately want to take some medication to ease the pain. But you should remember that some anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil or Aleve may actually irritate an upset stomach. These medications may also cause nausea or give you further negative effects.