How To Increase Pregnancy Chances After Miscarriage

Pregnancy is a beautiful dream come true for all the women. But a miscarriage shatters the dream and even embeds a seed of fear in her mind. This fear makes the woman anxious about her next conception and might even prevent her from considering another pregnancy. If you have had a similar experience, then stop worrying and start reading this article to know about what could be done to get pregnant with a healthy baby again.

What To Consider While Trying To Conceive After A Miscarriage

Here are some tips you should keep in mind if you want to conceive after a miscarriage:

Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage

1. Undergo Testing!

If you have had a history of three or more miscarriages continuously, or you lost your baby after twenty weeks, then you could opt for a thorough genetic testing. There are numerous factors that influence a stable pregnancy, including hormonal levels and structural issues of the uterus. A deep analysis will reveal the issues if any, and this could help in finding out a solution to improve the chances of pregnancy.

2. Accept The Risks!

Know your risks and accept those. Being practical is very essential. If you are above 35 years, are a smoker, or you have chronic health issues, then the risk of miscarriages increase.

3. Seek For Care!

Spend quality time in taking care of yourself, emotionally and physically after you experience a miscarriage. There is thumb rule to cope up with your grief. You could practice yoga or visit a professional who could help you in calming down. Studies suggest that the couples who underwent psychological counseling and emotional care after a miscarriage had increased chances of pregnancy with a higher quality birth outcomes.

4. Eat Healthily!

Stop eating junk! Switch to fresh produces, vegetables, fruits, and wholesome grains. Healthy eating nourishes you physically and mentally, improving the chances of conceiving quicker after a miscarriage!

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5. Quit Harmful Habits!

It is not just about smoking or alcohol. Excessive consumption of caffeine or illegal drugs like nicotine and heroin is also dangerous for your pregnancy. So, if you have experienced a miscarriage, and you want to increase your chances of conceiving again, then quit any and all such habits!

6. Learn To Let Go of Stress!

Stress is not good for your health and pregnancy. Learn to let go of stress. Indulge in healthy hobbies such as reading or listening to soothing music. You could also learn to meditate.

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7. Keep Your Sex Life Active!

A healthy and active sex life is very essential to conceive fast after a miscarriage. Keep your libido high by including fruits and herbs in your diet. Have sex thrice a week, including the most fertile moments.

8. Practice Yoga!

Yoga is quite often advised for women who have sustained recurrent miscarriages. Yoga helps in improving your physical and mental health alike. Various yoga poses stimulate the flow of blood to the genitals, improving the fertility levels. If you are obese or underweight, you could look forward to yoga as it helps in balancing the weight.

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Do not lose hope. There are numerous technologies present today that could help you. So keep up your hopes and move on!