How To Manage Diabetes In Children

Diabetes has become a widespread disease that makes life restrictive and dull for millions of women and men worldwide. Amazing as it may seem, even kids are not spared from its grasp. Diabetes affecting children is referred as juvenile diabetes. In the USA, the number of diabetic children is growing every year. Dietary changes and blood sugar monitoring are integral part of treating diabetes in the toddlers. With timely diagnosis, proper treatment and follow up, measures it is possible to keep the disease in check in affected kids.

Nuances And Causes of Diabetes In The Children

A majority of diabetic children are usually afflicted with type 1 diabetes. However, in the recent times number of kids with type 2 diabetes is also on the rise.

diabetic child

The real cause of type 1 diabetes in kids remains a mystery since some of them do not inherit the disease from genes. Caucasian kids tend to get afflicted with this variant. Most instances of Type 2 diabetes in children are caused by bad diet from young age and sedentary lifestyle.

Symptoms of Children Afflicted With Diabetes

The major symptoms of diabetes in kids include:

  • Tiredness
  • Thirst
  • Need to urinate frequently
  • Weight loss
  • Stomach aches

Sometimes major symptoms of both types of diabetes can mimic those of general illnesses like flu. Medical intervention may be helpful.

How To Treat Diabetes In Children

Sadly, diabetes is not curable, but keeping it under check is possible. Children suffering from type 1 diabetes, mainly need insulin treatment. However, individual needs of the child are considered by the doctors to decide an insulin regimen. Doses for daytime and night can be different for such kids. As the kids grow, their dosage of insulin will also grow. Treatment of children with type 2 diabetes depends mostly on the severity of the condition. If detected in early stages, lifestyle change and healthier diet can be helpful. The treatment is aimed at minimizing symptoms and preventing diverse health problems.

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Things To Keep In Mind And Adhere To

  • Children will need dosages of insulin. Parents should learn ways to administer them and the right interval based on the condition of their kids. Usually, the injections are given at thigh and above the abdomen.
  • It is necessary to monitor blood sugar levels of your kid. As the kids grow up, you should teach them a way to do so.
  • Parents should ensure the kids get foods that help maintain required blood sugar levels.
  • Kids afflicted with type 2 diabetes often develop high blood pressure and become obese. These need to be tackled in effective ways.

The Importance of Diet And Exercise To Manage Diabetes In Kids

Ultimately, adhering to an active lifestyle and eating the right type of foods go a long way in managing diabetes in kids. As a matter of fact, toddlers dealing with type-2 diabetes struggle with weight gain and they become susceptible to cardiovascular disorders. So, they should be given foods that are high in calories, yet low in fat. They should be given meals having a balanced amount of protein, carbs and healthy fats. The help of a diet expert may be sought in this regard. It is also important that kids with diabetes should be given foods in lower portions.

Exercise is beneficial for everyone, kids and grownups, with or without diabetes. Kids with diabetes should indulge in physical activity. This can include swimming, running and hand free exercise. There is no denying workout helps enhance their body response to insulin. It also fires up metabolism, thereby helping them burn excess body fat. There is no need to make the kids undergo strenuous exercise though.