How To Prevent Neck Pain Naturally During Pregnancy

Pregnant women, many a time, having this irritating neck pain. There is a lot you need to compromise when it comes to motherhood; however that does not imply you put up the nagging condition for extended duration. There are couple of tricks that you can try to ease the pain without trying those painkillers. Read on to know how you can prevent and reduced the neck pain while you are pregnant.

Preventing and Easing Neck Pain During Pregnancy

neck pain during pregnancy

  1. Adjust your posture.

A good posture is essential to prevent and ease neck pain at any given time. And, it becomes more crucial when you are pregnant as your body needs to accommodate the tiny life growing inside you. The body tries to shifts it balance on the spine, tempting you to slouch. This puts unwanted stress on the neck muscles, stiffening those and causing pain. You can keep a pillow behind your neck as you sit. While standing try not to bend backward. You can place your hands on the small of your back to offer support and adjust the posture and prevent the pain.

  1. Try aquatic exercises.

There are a couple of prenatal aquatic exercises that you can try. These are done inside the water to prevent and alleviate the neck pain. Check with your doctor before you try some.

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  1. Chiropractic intervention can help.

A chiropractor will help in adjusting the joints in the body in a natural way, thereby offering relief from any pain you are experiencing. Seek your doctor’s advice before finalizing on a chiropractor who is certified to work with moms-to-be.

  1. Always look at eye level.

If you are working whole pregnant, try to look into the screen kept eye level. Looking down by tilting your neck can stress out your neck, inviting the nagging pain.

  1. Use the right pillow.

Many a time, a poor pillow could be the trigger. Change your pillow to something that is not too high or hard. There are pregnancy pillows available in the market that offers the right support and even massage the neck muscles, averting this condition.

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  1. Do yoga.

Prenatal yoga is one of the best solutions to keep your neck pain away. Always practice under a qualified pre-natal yoga teacher to ensure that you are doing the poses the right way. You can try mild neck rotations to ease the tension off the neck muscles while sitting comfortably. Balasana is yet another yoga pose that offers relief from strained neck and shoulder muscles. Check with your doctor before you try any of these.

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  1. Check your magnesium levels

Neck pains, many a time, can be the outcome of lack of magnesium levels. Check with your doctor if that is the case. Magnesium plays a major role in ensuring that the muscles contract and relax the right way. While your doctor might prescribe you supplements, you can also include dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, beans, whole grains, avocados, bananas, dairy products such as milk and yogurt, and dried fruits in your diet. You can even include dark chocolate as it is also an admirable source of magnesium. Yet another way to reap magnesium is to indulge in an Epsom salt soak.

Try medications as much as possible while you are pregnant. These simple ways definitely travel a long way in preventing and ease neck pain experienced during pregnancy and they are safe too. Check with your doctor about these remedies and then go ahead. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. So make sure you remember the preventive tips and stay free from the nagging pain.