How To Protect Against Skin Cancer

Do you know enough about skin cancer? This is the most common diagnosed cancer types in the world. Skin Cancer can be due to ultraviolet (UV) radiation that comes from the sun or they can be related to lifestyle. Thus, we can prevent the harmful skin cancer affecting our health.

Tips To Protect Against Skin Cancer:

1. Avoid tan:

Tanning either from the sun or even bed tanning can cause sun damage or cause skin cancer. Do you love a bronzed look? It is better to get some good self-tanner or use few makeup tricks instead of getting direct contact with the harmful sun rays.

2. Use sunscreen:


The UVA and UVB sun rays enter through the clouds, thus it is essential to apply protection each day. You can Use “Broad Spectrum” with SPF 30 or even higher in the range of sunscreen. Broad Spectrum tends to provide protection from the sun’s rays that are dangerous such as UVA and UVB. Always cover the whole body with the sunscreen on the whole days when you want to be outside. Clothes are also useful to block sun’s UV rays. You can also wear summer clothes that are light in colour that provide mild protection. You can try to get some clothes that contain built-in SPF. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you leave for out and also reapply this every 2 hours. You will also have to re apply this if you are in water or even sweating a lot. You will have to reapply this approximately every 2hours, even in the cloudy days. You will have to be extra cautious near water, snow, and even sand, as they tend to reflect. This also intensifies the damage due to the harmful rays of the sun and cause sunburn.

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3. Wear a hat:

It is always a good habit to wear a hat that has a bigger brim or more than 3 inches. Also wear your sunglasses that will provide protection to the eyes.

4. See a dermatologist:


You must visit your dermatologist every year to do the monthly head-to-toe check up. You can also ask the clinician and read a lot about Skin cancers that can be cured if you have it in the early stage.

5. Avoid direct exposure to the midday sun:

You must always keep in mind to not go outdoors the time of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This is the hour when the sun gives the brightest rays that cause too much damage to your skin. Even If you have to get out outdoors, always keep in mind to apply sunscreen.

6. Stay shady:

It is always important to stay in the shade. This will keep you cool and also lower the skin cancer risk. Just being in the shade doesn’t mean you don’t have to wear sunscreen.

7. Monitor your children’s’ sun exposure:

Wear protective clothing

Skin cancer and even melanoma are linked back to cause bad sunburns when your child is exposed to the sun. Keep your Children out of the sun and always make them wear a good sun block with some protective clothing like scarfs, hats.

8. Wear protective clothing:

Wear hats and cloths that can cover your skin. This is the best ways to lower the risk of skin cancer. Even your Eyes are susceptible to the sun damage; thus, keep in mind to put on the sunglasses which are UV protectant. Wear good protective clothing like long-sleeved shirt, full pant, and scarf’s where possible.

9. Avoid tanning beds:

UV light from sun and even tanning beds can lead to the skin cancer and even wrinkling. To get the tanned look tan, you can try to use some self-tanning products or the sprays, but don’t forget to use sunscreen long with it.