How To Reduce Skin Irritation When Using Rotary Shavers

When you want a quick, smooth and easy shave, there is nothing like a rotary shaver to do the job. It is also a durable tool that will help you save money on razors in the long run. However, this awesome shaving tool also comes with a flaw. It can cause irritation to the skin. In some cases, the irritation can be quite severe and cause pain. For first-time rotary shaver users, there is an adjustment period of about 30 days during which skin can get very irritated. The good news is that with a few helpful tips, you can reduce skin irritation that comes with using rotary shavers.

Tips to Reduce Skin Irritation Caused by Rotary Shavers

To decrease the chances of skin irritation when you use a rotary shaver, you can try out the following tips:

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  • Identify sensitive areas: There are areas in your face that are more prone to irritation and it is best to identify these areas quickly. Once you have done this, you should shave those areas first before the shaver gets hot as electric shavers often heat up while shaving. You will find this helps a lot in reducing skin irritation.
  • Shave gently: It can be tempting to shave with forceful strokes especially when you are in a rush. However, it is best to always shave with gentle strokes so that your skin does not get irritated. Your rotary shaver will trim your hair while you hold it in place. Experts recommend gliding the shaver in a circular motion instead of pushing it hard against the skin.
  • Avoid dry shaves: When you are in a hurry, it can be easy to quickly dry shave and get ready for the day. This is a huge mistake as it is one of the main causes of skin irritation when you use a rotary shaver. You should always shave wet as water lubricates your skin and allows your shaver to move smoothly. Your hair also gets moistened, making it easier to shave. Experts advise washing your facial hair with warm water before shaving.
  • Use shaving gels or creams: When you use a shaving gel or cream, you reduce skin irritation from rotary shavers. The thick lather that they produce protects your skin from the motion of the rotary shaver. The lather from these products also acts as a lubricant while you shave and condition your skin as well. This will help in soothing your skin while you are shaving as well as after.
  • Rinse blades regularly: It is important to always make sure that you rinse your blades after each shave. Blades that are dry, dull and clogged are a common cause of skin irritation due to shaving. When you rinse the blades often while shaving, hair and shaving cream debris is removed, allowing your shaver to move smoothly and freely on your face. You should read the instructions provided in the manufacturer’s manual to make sure that you maintain your shaver and keep its blades sharp at all times for effective and irritation-free shaving.
  • Practice using your rotary shaver: Many men have confessed that they gave up trying to shave with rotary shavers after a few attempts. Instead of doing the same, practice and experiment. Try out different shaving techniques to find one that does leave you with skin irritation. You will eventually find a technique or pattern that suits your skin and allows you to shave quickly and also achieve smoother and closer shaves. In time, skin irritations will stop and your skin will grow accustomed to the rotary shaver and your new method of shaving.
  • Clean your shaver regularly: One of the reasons for your skin irritation could be an unclean shaver. It is important to keep your rotary shaver (or any other type, for that matter) clean at all times. No matter what brand you are using, the manufacturer will probably have cleaning products designed specifically for the shaver you use so that you can clean your tool and make sure that it is well-maintained. You will also find products such as lubricants, etc. from stores that sell electric shavers to help you clean and maintain your shaver.

If you find that your skin gets irritated after shaving with a rotary shaver after trying out the tips mentioned above, you should switch to a foil shaver instead. It could be that your skin is sensitive and using a rotary shaver aggravates it. To prevent problems in the future, replace your shaver with another type and have a great day without any discomfort!