How To Safely Do Multiple Workouts In A Day

There has an unexpected increase in the number of people becoming body conscious day by day. While it is, unarguably, good to exercise and maintain a healthy body, doing the same at a high price would have disastrous impacts. The post workout muscle soreness and stress you experience might stimulate you to eat more as a compensating process.

Working out twice a day could be beneficial for some, but as the saying goes, there is no one size that would fit for all. At the end of the day it is a personal choice and depends on how your body responds to the entire regimen. For many, high intensity multiple workouts do bring in oodles of goodness. They just find themselves burning off the fat in an effortless way. But what about others? There are people who follow these gym addicts only to find themselves in bed.


So is it really safe to indulge in multiple workouts a day? Let’s see…

The Pros & Cons

According to experts a 60 minute moderately intense working out, five days a week is sufficient to aid in weight loss. If you are aiming to stay healthy, then a moderate session of 30 minutes a day, 5 to 6 days a week would meet your goal. Studies and researches do not advice beyond this.

While certain studies suggest that multiple workouts could help in weight loss, better body building, improved sleep, and better digestion, more evidences are required to substantiate the already existing studies. If you are an athlete or a sportsperson, then, yes, your working schedule is going to extend beyond the advised two hours a day. But for a person who leads a normal active life and eats healthily need not necessarily workout more than once a day.

Talking about the negative impacts, the list seems to be a huge one. Over exercising has been linked to an increase risk of cardiovascular diseases, lower immunity levels, poor sleep, stress and depression, inability to lose weight, unwanted weight gain, amenorrhea or disrupted menstrual cycle in women, infertility issues, and much more…

Only a highly conditioned sportsperson, according to studies, has the actual potential to cope up with multiple workouts in a safe way. For a middle-aged man who is shuffling tasks – family, office, and other personal tasks – may not have the strength and time to involve in a demanding exercise regimen.

But is there any option to indulge in multiple training sessions without compromising your health? Well, the answer is a yes. Read on to know more about how you can exercise multiple times a day without sustaining injuries.

How to Do Multiple Workouts A Day the Safe Way

1. Strike A Balance!


Create a balance in your workout regimen by devising a workout plan that alternates between high and low intensity trainings. Increase the intensity as well as the frequency of your workout in small doses as it will enable the body to cope up with the changes. It will also give the body sufficient time to recuperate from your training session, while preventing injuries. It is also advisable to restrict your number of workouts per day to a maximum of two, while ensuring that you are staying away from consecutive intense workout sessions on the same day.

2. Give Sufficient Space Between Your Workout Regimens!


Indulge in one workout in the morning and one during the evening to make the most out of the training schedules. While this is no standard rule, people who have been indulging in multiple exercise regimens a day vouch for the benefits of doing it this way. If you feel that you are not able to meet the demands of your workouts, then slow down and take sufficient rest.

3. Eat It Right!

bodybuilder diet

Food and diet are quintessential elements for a successful workout session. It is important to snack before and after your workout regimen wisely to ensure that you are not paving way for undesirable inflammations and injuries. Eat foods rich in fiber, protein, and antioxidants to eliminate inflammation and pain after the exercises and set the stage for faster recovery.

4. Hydrate Genuinely!

drinking water

Water is vital for recovery and recuperation. Keeping yourself hydrated before, during, and after the exercise sessions will ensure that you are not losing just water. It also prevents excessive muscle loss and damages, while boosting the benefits of your multiple workouts.

5. Rest Sufficiently!


Countless studies conducted on the impact of sleep on workout and recovery suggest that lack of adequate sleep diminishes the goodness of your exercises. Your body will have to combat inflammation. Poor sleep also slows down the recovery process. So ensure that you sleep 8 to 10 hours, if you are working out more than once a day.

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6. Give Sufficient For Recovery!


Stretch yourself generously without overdoing to ensure recovery. You can also opt for a massage session or take breaks whenever you want without compromising. But a break does not mean that you have a lazy day out on the couch. Indulge in some stretching or opt for a walking session to prepare your body for the next workout session.

7. Use Supplements Prudently!

Vitamin Supplement

Intensive workout regimens always call for the need for including supplements in your diet. But, the supplement that does the magic for your friend need not necessarily work for you. So, it is advisable to choose the supplements according to your body requirements. Do not get allured by the countless ads that you come across or just by the reviews of a product. It is always advisable to take professional advice before your start with any supplement, even if it is your protein shake. The right supplement will help in providing essential nutrients for recovery while giving you additional benefits.

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8. Listen To Your Body!

Pay attention to how your body reacts

Your body gives necessary cues, every now and then, to let you know how it feels. Choose to listen to those cues. Pay attention to how your body reacts. There are no hard and fast rules that you have to follow. If you do not care for your body and choose to ignore the signals, you might end up stressing it out. Unless and until your body recovers and is genuinely fit, you will never get results.

The Final Word…

There are advantages and disadvantages of indulging in multiple workout sessions in a day. If you are morning person, choose to include the strenuous routine in the morning, keeping the lighter version to the evening. As for the night owls out there, you can juggle with your weights at least three hours before bedtime.

You are your best teacher. So, choose wisely and stay fit!