How To Stay Mentally Sharp

It’s a saddening thought to think that twenty years from now, our mental skills won’t be as amazing as they are at present. As age dawns on us, our physical shortcomings are not the only thing that needs our attention; our mental sharpness does tend to take a back seat too. Not being able to reminisce the fond memories that have been with us throughout our lives can be annoying.

In order for anything to be kept in proper working condition, constant use is of utmost importance. That is why fitness, either it being physical or mental, is so very important for a long productive life. Just as physical exercise keeps your body fit and robust, we have put forth a couple of ways and means in which you can stay mentally sharp as well. After all, there’s no point in growing wise as you grow old if you can’t recall any of the wisdom, right?

Mentally Sharp

Enhance Your Memory: Give These Methods a Shot

Age can catch up to the best of us and so delaying this process becomes our job and proves effective for our functional harmony. Performing certain simple day to day activities not only keeps us busy but also improves our mental and cognitive alertness. If you are apprehensive about your mental performance declining with age, here are a 6 useful tactics to keep in mind:

  1. Take up a Hobby

An idle brain is a devil’s workshop and that devil can be a memory problem. Yes, even children are encouraged to pursue a hobby in their free time so why not you? Using your time creatively to do something you like, proves beneficial for an active mind. Even something as trivial as a walk in the garden, an eco-trek or cooking up delicious dishes is advantageous as it stimulates your brain intellectually.

Try penning down your thoughts in a diary or even sitting with your old school year book trying to guess each person’s name correctly. This will keep your mind at work as you jog down memory lane or remember the day’s activities.

  1. Engage Your Brain in Intellectual Activities

People who make use of their brain frequently for performing any mental activity prove to retain their memory and cognitive skills for a longer period as opposed to those who don’t. This is why it is said that the more educated a person is, the more better they are able to handle and remember effectively. Also, individuals who are involved in jobs where negotiation and using their speaking skills are put to the test are better able to fight memory loss in the future.

The performing of such intellectual activities keeps the mind busy as the brain is able to make proper connections keeping it occupied in learning new things. So something as simple as solving a mathematical problem or memorizing a song’s lyrics can keep the brain actively involved which helps in proper functioning even though you age.

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  1. Keep a Check on Your Diet

It’s doesn’t take a genius to understand that you are what you eat. Keeping a check on the food you consume is essential for carrying out activities optimally. Much as a proper diet is required for physical agility and liveliness it plays a major role in mental alertness as well. Eating the right kind of food is helpful in boosting your brain functions in the long run. Increasing your antioxidant intake by gorging on blueberries, broccoli, carrots and grapes can prevent the occurrence of neurodegenerative diseases. Eating a healthy quantity of green vegetable salads with olive oil prevents Alzheimer’s and increases mental functioning.

Eating fish like tuna and salmon, which consist of Omega-3s and Omega-6s, will work miracles for your mind. This is because they consist of fatty acids and healthy fats (also referred to as “super foods”) that are packed with health benefits aplenty. Also helping in generate new cells, it adds a protective layer to the brain as it provides the right nutrients to your diet, all of which help in the long run smooth functioning and memory of your brain.

  1. Minimize Your Alcohol Intake

A moderate intake of alcohol in your diet is said to yield positive results when it comes to your health. The problem arises when you go overboard and do not know when to put a stop to it. Alcohol can have devastating and irreversible effects on your brain and memory as it destroys the brain cells in an individual. It affects a person’s general cognitive functionalities and also slows down mental processing abilities. Staying away from it or at least minimizing your alcohol intake will assist in keeping you mentally strong for a long time.

  1. Mingle in your Social Circles More Often

Staying in touch with your old pals or making new friends leaves you glowing. There’s no other better feeling than knowing you are loved. By mingling with your friends and family more frequently and building new bonds, you can enhance your memory as social interactions are mentally engaging activities. You feel that you are supported by another individual socially and hence, stay occupied and engaged mentally. When stressful moments invade your brain, it’s a consolation that you have someone you can share your burden with, which in turn diminishes mental ageing.

  1. Keep Away from Brain-Taboo Activities

Just as there are certain activities that help to increase and facilitate brain functioning there are a few activities that can destroy the brain cells which can lead to a decrease in brain functions. Because brain cells do not regenerate, watching television for long hours or playing video games fasten the damage caused to the brain. Overindulging in these activities will reduce your concentration abilities and cognitive functions which ultimately affect your memory and mental sharpness.

Staying Mentally Fit and Fine

Our brain is one resource that never ceases to amaze us. It’s, therefore, our duty and responsibility to take all the required precautions necessary for its long and proper well-being. After all, our brain and its various cognitive abilities is what makes us prevail in this fast paced world. By improving and enhancing our mental capabilities with these simple steps, we guarantee it a long and lasting shelf life no matter what the odds.