How To Take Soy Isoflavones To Get Pregnant?

The irrational and unhealthy pattern of the current lifestyles have paved way to an increased rate of infertility issues in women. An irregular menstrual cycle along with PCOS, obesity, sedentary life, increase junk food etc are some of the most vital elements that quite often create obstacles in the path of getting pregnant. Irregular ovulation periods or non-ovulation stages worsen the condition, transforming the task into a daunting process. Soy Isoflavones is a form of phytoestrogen medication that has been specially designed to enable such women to conceive.

Read on to know how soy isolfavones work and how a woman can use them to enjoy motherhood.

Soy Isoflavones

How do Soy Isoflavones work

While there are no proven researches or studies on the benefits of isoflavones in aiding pregnancy, surveys conducted on this drug suggest that a good dose of this drug could help in regulating the ovulation cycle. Soy isoflavones block the receptors of estrogen in your brain, thus tricking your body to think that you are experiencing low estrogen levels. To compensate these low estrogen levels, your body increases the production of estrogen hormones. After a couple of days, you can stop your soy isoflavones intake to trick your body, once again, to believe that it is time to start ovulating.

While this is the basic principle behind the working of soya isoflavones, it need not necessarily work in the same way for everyone. The slightest mistake could trigger unwanted hormonal imbalances. Studies have proven that a high level of estrogen in your body can also harm organs like uterus, breasts and ovaries. Drastic fluctuations in the levels of this highly important fertility hormone may eventually lead to more harm than good.

Soy Isoflavones As A Natural Alternative To Clomid

Clomid is a powerful drug whose structure shares a close resemblance with that of these isoflavones. It also functions akin to isoflavones, but the clomid bind with the estrogen receptors in a stronger way. This means that the impact of these drugs will take longer to wear off, posing a higher risk of imbalance in your hormonal levels. On the other hand, isoflavones serves the same purpose but with the benefits of being natural and subtle.

Tips To Get Pregnant By Taking Soy Isoflavones

Now that you know what soy isoflavones are and how they work, it is time to understand how you can use it for safe consumption. Below mentioned are some tips that you could follow to ensure that you enter the first stage of motherhood!

Do Your Research

Women usually think that soy isoflavones are magic pills that will instantly pep up their fertility levels. If you are planning to go ahead with these pills, then talk to your doctor and gather as much information as possible to understand the pros and cons.

Irregular Ovulation

This drug is only meant for those women who are ovulating irregularly and need some help to set it back on track. Women with regular ovulation might experience a negative result and even develop health issues.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

If you are suffering from a PCOS disorder, it is advisable to refrain from using the soy isoflavones. The phytoestrogen present in isoflavones worsen the PCOS.

The Right Dose

The recommended dosage for soy isoflavones is 80 to 200 mg per day. This should be taken for a period of 3 to 7 days. Keep the dose same during the 5 day course.

Advice from Doctor

If you are taking other medicines or have soya allergy, then you should consult your doctor before its intake.

Be Aware of Side Effects

If you are start experiencing headaches, fatigue, short term memory loss, breast tenderness and digestive disturbance while on soy isoflavones, then stop the intake immediately.

Essential Benefits

Along with gifting you a perfect ovulation cycle, there are many other benefits of consuming soy isoflavones such as.

  • Reduced risk of developing cardiovascular issues
  • Shields you from various types of prostate issues
  • Improve the health of your bones
  • Cuts down the risk associated with the onset of various types of cancers

So does soy isflavones really help you to get pregnant? Well, the answer is yes. It does improve the odds of you getting pregnant by circulating your ovulation cycle. Along with this drug, include a healthy diet and yoga regimen in your life and you will soon experience the bliss of motherhood.