How To Treat Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis or cervical osteoarthritis is a painful inflammatory condition that affects the neck. It is showcased by a typical pain that radiates from the backside of the neck towards the upper limbs. Plus, the person subjected to this condition develops vertigo as he bends forward. Many a time, the upper limbs also develop a numbness too. While the major cause is the degeneration of the cervical vertebrae, an incorrect posture, especially while sleeping and sitting worsens the condition.

Along with your visits to the doctor for treating the condition, you can also include the below explained natural healing process to hasten the recovery. Read on to know how to treat cervical spondylosis naturally.

Natural Remedies For Cervical Spondylosis

  1. Massage with sesame seed oil

sesame oil

Heat a little sesame seed oil with 6 to 7 camphor pieces. You can massage the base of the neck as well as the whole body with this warm oil gently. Once done, follow up with a hot fomentation to improve circulation and ease inflammation and pain. Camphor and sesame oil are well known for their analgesic and circulation improving nature which benefits this condition.

  1. Heal with garlic

Garlic Cloves

Chew 3 cloves of garlic as the first thing in the morning on empty stomach. Loaded with a wide assortment of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and other properties, garlic can ease the pain with regular use. You can also use garlic infused oil for topical application to ease the pain and inflammation. Crush 5 garlic cloves and roast on slow flame until golden brown. Add this to ΒΌ cup of sesame oil and heat for a while. Apply this on the base of your neck and massage in gentle circulation motions. Follow up with a warm bath after 30 minutes. You can do this twice a day until you are healed.

  1. Easing with turmeric

turmeric tea

Turmeric contains curcumin, a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidative element that makes it a good natural way to heal this condition. This golden yellow spice is also known for its analgesic and muscle relaxant properties. Dissolve 1 tsp of turmeric in 300 ml milk and simmer for 5 minutes. Mix in 1 tsp honey and consume this before bed time until the pain and inflammation subsides.

  1. Exercising your way to healing


Yoga poses such as Bhujangasana, Matsyasana, and Balasana are known to be beneficial for easing the pain experienced due to cervical osteoarthritis. You can also practice neck rotations to ease the stiffness and improve circulation in the affected region. However, do check with your physician before you embark on this journey. And, when you are practicing, make sure that you have a proper professional trainer to guide you through the right path to enhance the healing process.

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  1. Epsom Salt For Cervical Spondylosis

Epsom Salt

Indulging in Epsom salt infused bath regularly is known to ease the symptoms of this condition. The inflammation, pain, and stiffness are reduced as the pH levels of the body attains the balance due to the presence of magnesium. Add a few drops of water to 2 tbsp Epsom salt and a prepare a thick paste. Apply on the neck and rinse off using warm water after 20 minutes to soothe the pain and inflammation.

You can also soak yourself in an Epsom salt bath for 20 minutes thrice a week. Just add 2 cups of the salt to warm water and indulge in a soak.

The Diet And Lifestyle Remedies For Cervical Spondylosis

Cut down on the intake of refined foods such as all purpose flour, white bread, and other things. Avoid using sour foods such as tamarind in your diet. Increase the consumption of clarified butter, steamed vegetables, almonds, sesame seeds and milk.

Keep stress at bay. Improve your sleep routine. Try to avoid sitting in front of the television and compute for long hours.

Try to follow these simple natural solutions to treat cervical Spondylosis along with a positive attitude towards the condition and speed up your healing process.