How To Treat Irregular Periods

Are you suffering from irregular periods? Are you looking for the treatment? Don’t worry! You are at the right place. Irregular periods are common sign of menopause. An irregular period, pathologically accepted as oligomenorrhea, and it remarks to rare periods with breaks of 35 days. For others, mainly those who experience heavy, long, or sore times, cure for menstrual abnormalities are very essential. Hence, today in this article we are discussing about the best methods to treat irregular periods.

A proper menstrual cycle is 21 to 35 days. The Menstrual blood loss usually endures for 2-7 days. Women have eleven to thirteen periods in year, while oligomenorrhea patients can have less than 6 or 7 periods.

Treat Irregular Periods


  • Anemic condition
  • Poor dietary habits
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Environmental factors
  • Hereditary factor
  • Stressful life
  • Recent birth
  • Miscarriage
  • Thyroid disorders

Top Ways To Treat Irregular Periods:

1. Check With Your Gynaecologist:


If you are facing this problem then the gynaecologist is the ideal person to treat this problem easily. They quickly diagnose and identify the cause of the occurrence of this problem. According to the cause they treat you in the better way.

2. Maintain Ideal Weight:

Check Weight

The problem of irregular periods is mostly seen in heavy as well as underweight women. Moreover they also experience difficulties through ovulation. If you want to keep a consistent menstrual period phase, better fertility and even ovulations, then it is very essential for you to maintain an ideal weight.

3. Avoid The A.M. Coffee:

In recent investigations, investigators display that caffeine present in the coffee is harmful for your body. If you are pregnant or experiencing irregular periods then it is always recommended to avoid coffee.

4. Select Healthy Foods:

Healthy Diet

If you consume foods which are high in fats as well as treated ingredients then this leads to irregular periods. Therefore, it is very essential for you to consume those foods that you prepare or cook at home. This is one of the best decisions for not only the menstrual health but also complete body health.

5. Recognize Irregular Or Abnormal:

The abnormal period is defined as a period which trails a cycle moreover 28 days is measured as abnormal. Remember that, each woman devours a diverse menstrual periods and only 1 or 2 women possess a clockwise periods. Therefore, no women take a similar cycle of menstrual period.

6. Notice Life Changes:

For females who are shifting jobs, moving in the near future or creating a huge life change, there can be momentary irregular periods related with the stress and modification.

7. Select The Right Birth Controller Pill:

Several birth regulator medicines are given for their skill to control the menstrual phase. There are some medicines that stop the phase all organised in women who ensure very dense periods which last lengthier than normal. Consult with your doctor about the doses of this pills and the ability to control the pregnancy.

8. Test The Level Of Other Hormones And Estrogen:

Estrogen, testosterone and progesterone three hormones exist in the woman body which can disturb the menstrual phase besides uneven periods. Therefore, the hormones are unbalanced and therefore the menstrual periods are also affected. The hormone supplements play an effective role in the cure of hormone abnormalities or hormone shortages.

9. Exercise Day-To-Day:


Fresh studies have linked exercise to a vast list of health problems and solutions. Exercise can benefit to control menstrual cycles by dropping the amount of fat adjoining the ovaries and other internal organs.

10. Be Tolerant:

There are many causes for the changes in the menstrual phase such as variation in exercise, life, weight and diet. Endurance as well as self-controls is the best selections to control the menstrual phase arise due to some of these sources.

12. Avoid Stress:


Stress plays an effective role in the menstrual period phase. The more stress sensed on an everyday basis, the more appropriate the female is to discard her menstrual cycle. Stress is frequently observed and when the stress is condensed, the menstrual period cycle will drop back into a normal beat.