How To Use Aloe Vera For Weight Loss

Aloe Vera, traditionally, is used as a soothing gel or balm for wounds and burns. It has several beautifying properties as well. There are also positive indications that consuming Aloe Vera can be an effective weight management tool. It is a bitter yellow liquid either in gel form or latex or even a juice. The gel or juice is found in the tubules of the plant, which grows in Africa, Caucasia and Central Asia.

Aloe Vera and Weight Management

Aloe Vera acts by removing toxins and enhancing our immune system. Regular consumption helps in maintaining a healthy digestion. These factors working together help us to shed excess fat and stay healthy. This plant has nearly 75 active substances such as essential vitamins, specific minerals, several enzymes, necessary amino acids, required salicylic acids and even several phytochemicals. It can be used as a medicine, cosmetic or even as food.

aloe vera juice

How Does Aloe Vera Work?

It has naturally present anti-oxidants to slow down the growth of free radicals in the body. It has three key effects whereby you can use it as an effective weight loss therapy.

  • It acts as a laxative, thus having a tremendously good effect on the large intestine. Regular intake prevents constipation and keeps the bowels and stomach healthy. However a doctor should be consulted before commencing the therapy as excess consumption can lead to diarrhea or inflammation.
  • Consistent usage of the extract also increases metabolism. This contributes to weight loss. It is rich in proteins which promotes muscle development. The body utilises this energy and that too helps in controlling body weight effectively.
  • Finally, Aloe Vera juice helps the body detoxify. By acting on the digestive system of the body, the internal food processing systems of the body are kept clean, thereby leading to overall weight loss.

How Do I Consume Aloe Vera Juice? How often?

The juice can be consumed on its own (it is very bitter and hence, maybe unpleasant) or mixed with any other juice of your choice. It can be had with lemon, honey, fruits or berries like a smoothie or even with kale leaves or other greens.

Taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is perhaps the best time for Aloe Vera to be consumed. This way it acts and detoxifies the system, giving you a good healthy start to the day. Consumption in the evening helps to be on a diet regimen and is effective in losing weight.

Will Only Aloe Vera Help?

Aloe Vera will certainly help lose weight, but it should be supported by the correct diet and exercise regime. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. Keep processed foods with high sugar, high fats and loads of calories aside. Exercise moderately, but regularly.

Are There Any Side-Effects?

  • ┬áSometimes Aloe Vera can cause allergic reactions, resulting in a rash or itching. It is advisable to test a small amount of the juice or gel on the inside of your wrist or consume a little to check its effect on you.
  • Before commencing with your weight loss regimen, consult your physician. Those who have problems with their intestines or appendix or colon this programme is best avoided in order not to cause further issues. Pregnant and lactating women and children should also avoid consumption of Aloe Vera. Use of Aloe Vera can have an effect on certain medications, hence do consult your doctor.
  • Look out for dehydration, diarrhea or stomach aches. This can be a result of increased consumption of Aloe Vera.
  • Take the juice, as you like it, but it should be consumed regularly for at least 90 days before you expect to see any results. Regular intake will yield effective results. But do not exceed prescribed dosage.
  • Make sure to stay hydrated. Drink enough water to detoxify yourself to lose weight effectively.
  • Work out regularly. This will build your muscles and increase your metabolism, thereby utilizing the body fat that has been stored. This will result in weight loss and a healthier and fit body.


Consumption and use of Aloe Vera for weight loss is a viable option. However, as there can be complications, do it under medical advice. Just taking this natural supplement cannot work miracles. You also have to support your weight loss endeavours with regular exercise and healthy, balanced diet.