How Yoga Can Do Wonders To Your Health

If you are regular and passionate practitioner of yoga, then you would definitely be aware of its benefits. Be it losing weight or feeling relaxed or better sleeping, there are countless advantages this fabulous low impact exercise regimen has for your physical and mental health. Delve deep into this article to know about those advantages of practicing yoga regularly!

15 Must Know Wonders Yoga Can Do To Your Health

1. Improves Your Flexibility

This is the primary and most obvious among the host of benefits you will notice as you start practicing yoga. While you might find that forward bend a little tough in the first class, regular practice will enable loosening of the muscles, make all the poses possible for you.

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2. Enhances Muscle Strength

Stronger muscles are essential to shield your back and degenerative conditions such as arthritis. An enhanced muscle strength safeguards the senior citizens from losing their balances.

3. Corrects Your Posture

Regular practice of simple poses such as Tadasana will ease the curvature on your spine and lower back and help you with the posture issues.

4. Makes Your Spine More Flexible And Stronger

The forward and backward bends and twists of yoga strengthen your spine, making it more supple and flexible.

5. Strengthens And Protects Your Bones

Safeguard your bones by practicing balancing yoga poses.

6. Improves Your Circulation Levels

It is a low impact aerobic exercise that helps in ensuring that the blood flow reaches all the parts of the body in the adequate way.

7. Improves Your Digestion

The better your circulation levels are, the higher your digestive power will be. Plus, certain yoga poses massage the abdominal organs, thereby offering better digestion and assimilation.

8. Detoxifies Your Lymphatic Systems And Improves Your Immunity

A good intake of oxygen combined with better circulation enables the drainage of the lymphatic system, thereby detoxifying it. This process, in turn, strengthens your lymphatic system, and thus, your immunity levels.

9. Good For Your Heart

Your heart receives better blood and oxygen. Plus, regular practice of yoga is known to keep the levels of cholesterol under control. In short, do yoga to keep your heart safe!

10. Keeps The Blood Pressure Under Control

Inversion poses such as Adho Mukha Svanasana and Viparita Karani help in easing the stress-induced high blood pressure levels by easing the stress. Pranayama also helps in controlling the levels of blood pressure as it soothes your mind and body.

11. Helps In Regulating Diabetes

Regular practice of yoga helps in improving the insulin and glucose sensitivity. It also keeps the weight under check, thereby ensuring that your diabetes is under control.

12. Regulates Your Adrenal Glands

Kundalini yoga is one of the most frequently recommended yoga type to cleanse and nourish your adrenal glands. There are various poses and breathing techniques, a combination of which is known to regulate the functioning of these glands, thereby keeping you healthy.

13. Enhances You Happiness And Relaxation Quotients

Yoga poses and Pranayama techniques trigger the release of serotonin hormones and keep the stress and strain away. This, in turn, relaxes you and boosts your happiness levels.

14. For A Better Lifestyle

Ward off stress and depression as well as anxiety and mood swings with regular practice of yoga.

15. Aids In Weight Loss

The various poses such as Navasana, Ustrasana, and Plank Pose target your abdominal region and helps you lose the stubborn fat. In fact, all the yoga poses work in some or the other way to detoxify you, help in weight loss, and tone you.

The Other Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Some of The Other Benefits of Practicing Yoga Regularly Are:

  1. For better sex life
  2. Improve your concentration
  3. Helps you sleep better
  4. Helps you breathe the right way
  5. Helps you combat pain
  6. Help in regulating menstrual issues in women
  7. Improves your fertility levels
  8. Help in managing menopause efficiently
  9. Help to cut down the risk of cancer and cardiovascular conditions
  10. Shields you from age-induced health conditions

If you are not practicing yoga, then start right away and enjoy a healthier life!